We Love These Under-The-Radar Brisbane Laneways

By Rachel Lay
16th Mar 2016

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There’s something about laneways that makes you feel both cooler and superior to everyone who doesn’t know about them. Laneways just happen to hold the key to some of Brisbane’s yummiest and most secret eateries and drinking holes. And here at The Urban List we just so happen to know where they all are – keep reading to up your Brisbane laneway game.

#1 Bakery Lane

Bakery Lane used to be the easiest laneway to walk past, but now it’s got a big ol’ fancy sign and has become quite the hit on Insta. Vegetarian tapas spot, The Tree House, is one of our fave spots for pre-Valley festivities. Plus, Lost Boys Organic Café is also a vego hot spot. The APO recently opened its door and sprawls out into Bakery Lane – for a chicken liver éclair you can’t refuse, The APO is your go-to.

#2 Fish Lane

Fish Lane is hidden behind Brisbane’s most happening spot. Yes, we’re talking about the Cultural Centre Bus Way Stop. But, it’s also home to some pretty epic spots too, like Maker Bar. Maker is all about molecular cocktails, local beer and a super low-key location. Julius Pizzeria also calls Fish Lane home. For pizza that will have you swearing you’re in Naples and reaching for your Vespa keys, Julius is the spot you’re looking for. Plus, Wandering Cooks hold 12 events a month here including Thank Truck It’s Thursday.

#3 Burnett Lane

Burnett Lane takes the title of oldest Brisbane laneway – formally a convict exercise yard and site of numerous hangings, you’ll now find hipster coffee and dranks spot Brew, uber secret club Super Whatnot, and even more secret drink spot Survey Co. who also happen to do mighty fine Roquefort Ravioli.

#4 Winn Lane

If Winn Lane was a person, it would be that person you follow on Instagram that is inherently cooler than you that you don’t actually know in real life, but you wish you did, and that they were your best friend. Elaborate comparison, yes, but it’s totally true. Shop at Sunday Social for an outfit you won’t see anywhere else, peruse Kunstler for zines that will inspire you, and eat at Ben’s Burgers for the best damn burger you’ve had in a long while.

#5 Eagle Lane

Eagle Lane is Eagle Street’s cooler sister who isn’t about that banker life.  You’ll stumble upon this place at the Fortitude Valley end of Queen and Creek streets. Brooklyn Standard is an epic laneway spot for drinks, dancing and live music.  For a more AM option, try The Coop Espresso Bar for a super secret, actually good coffee.

#6 Gresham Lane

Gresham Lane is a treasure trove of multicultural deliciousness. Ichiban Yakitori, as their name suggests, has the best yakitori while Red Hook has claimed their spot on our list of Brisbane’s best burgers, The Roll Shop is busy serving up delicious Vietnamese paper rolls while Bagel Nook answers all your bagel prayers. I know what you’re thinking: where’s the alcohol? It’s at The Gresham which is one of our fave drinking spots.

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Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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