We’re loving this trés chic French restaurant in the CBD

By Jessica Pridmore
16th Jul 2015

Decent French food is almost impossible to find in a city so obsessed with the fast and the fried. It’s true, our European chums may have invented the French fry, but a classic French dish a chip does not make. Classic French cuisine is a rarity these days. Sad face.

Stumbling across the little-known Privé249, this gorgeous spot is housed inside the idyllic surrounds of the Sofitel Hotel, and brings all the glitz and glamour you’d hope for from a French-fusion restaurant (their deceptively simple menu is ideal for a first foray into elegant French-style cuisine). Overlooking the imposing clock tower in Anzac Square, squint hard enough and you could trick yourself into thinking you’re in a rustic French village!

To kick off any dinner at Privé249, indulging in their Champagne cart is a must-do. Choose from a selection of French liqueurs and make yours a Kir Royale like any classy Frenchy would do. Have a quick chat with the sommelier and order a bottle of vintage something before the first courses rolls out.

With a fantastic a la carte menu on offer, or the choice to go all out with a classic degustation, choosing what to have at Privé249 is like Sophie’s Choice; the only downside in this instance is all the overeating you’ll be doing.

This will probably be your hardest decision, and between the Wagyu beef with bone marrow, lamb backstrap, and confit duck leg, Privé249 hasn’t made it easy for you. If you’re the type of foodie afflicted with a chronic case of food envy, rest assured that every dish is executed with the most refined attention to detail, so that when it comes to choosing something off Privé249’s menu, there is no wrong decision.

No dinner can be properly finished without some kind of sweet or cheese, and by the time you’re scraping the very last morsels of apple caramel and chocolate ganache from the plate, the giant ambient candles on the tables are burning low. Something mystical about Privé249 makes the food somehow taste even better; maybe it has something to do with the infamous titanium cutlery that gets locked in a safe overnight? Perhaps, but we still maintain that the pure oral ecstasy of Privé249 is down to the talent and execution of the kitchen.


Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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