We’ve Found Brisbane’s Best Calamari

By Rachel Lay
7th Mar 2016

Brisbanes best calamari

Calamari has a bad rep. As a recent calamari skeptic, I know what you other skeptics are thinking: calamari is just so gross and rubbery. Here’s the thing though, it’s not. But it’s not your fault, you just haven’t had calamari done right. Fear not though, we’ve compiled this list of Brisbane’s calamari for you so you can get straight to the good stuff:



Beccofino has the lightest, melt-in-your-mouth calamari we’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring. A firm TUL favourite, any office outing to Beccofino involves at least a second helping of Becco’s calamari.  

The Jetty


The Jetty in Bulimba’s crispy fried baby squid is too delicious for words. While not technically calamari, it still makes the cut based on its yum-factor.

Alfred and Constance

Fortitude Valley

Alfred and Constance’s crispy calamari with aioli and Sichuan peppers is the perfect bar snack. Calamari and a coldie, what’s better?

The Fish Monger’s Wife

East Brisbane

This lil’ place has a reputation amongst Brisbane’s calamari elite, so you know it’s good. You wouldn’t guess from the outside, but trust us, The Fish Monger’s Wife calamari goes off.


South Brisbane

Swampdog’s calamari is nothing like the rubbery excuse for calamari you’re used to getting from your local fish and chip shop. No, this is the real deal. Soft, buttery and crispy – yummo!

Coppa Spuntino


Those Italians sure do know how to smash out some deece calamari.  Their calamari is designed to be shared, but sharing is probs not likely when you get a bite of this scrumptiousness.

Colle Rosso

Red Hill

The calamari at Colle Rosso in Red Hill is the stuff of legends. Served up with a generous helping of basil pesto, we’re not sure how anyone can turn down these lightly deep fried pieces of inexplicable deliciousness.



Dusted in rosemary sea salt and dipped in curry aioli, this is a version of calamari we’re more than happy to stuff our faces with. Add it to your list, people!



Noritor’s less traditional approach to calamari fills gaps you didn’t know needed filling. The calamari bibimbap is the perfect iteration of a fave seafood snack – mixed with gochujang, fresh veggies and crispy rice in a stone hot pot, there’s no way any one could turn this down.


Fortitude Valley

Here’s another example of Italians killing the calamari game! This calamari offering tastes as delightful as you’d expect: crispy, buttery calamari served on a bed of rocket with lemon mayo to taste.

Did we leave your fave off? Hit us up! 

Image credit: Curious Nut

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