What Is Poutine And Where Can You Get It In Brisbane?

By Joanna Fraser
21st Aug 2015

A hodgepodge of crunchy golden fries, brown gravy, and squeaky cheese curds, poutine is the food equivalent of that one time you bought a discounted chocolate mud cake from Woolworths and ate the whole thing whilst scrolling through your Ex’s Facebook profile. It’s messy, indulgent, and so delicious that you will dreaming of your next fix even before the last gravy-laden chip has made it into your mouth.

Created and continually loved by Canadians, poutine is like wrapping up your insides in a woolly scarf. And when your winter temperatures hover between a summery zero degrees celsius to ‘oops-there-goes-my-big-toe’ freezing, keeping that belly warm is of the upmost importance.

Poutine consumption in Brisbane might not be as justified as in frosty Canada but that hasn't stopped a number of Brisbane institutions from serving up this apex of comfort food. In fact this gluttonous trifecta of chips, gravy and cheese curds is rockin’ up on many a menu around Brisbane. Here are five of Brisbane’s best poutine dishes to try this weekend: 

At Sixes and Sevens

New Farm

Unless you’re wearing your stretchy pants, you might want to share this scrumptious dish of gravy goodness from Sixes and Sevens with a friend or two. Like milk is to cookies, craft beer is to poutine; they are a perfect pair! With the heavy richness of the gravy, pairing your poutine with a dark ale will have you scouring the web for cheap tickets direct to the bear-filled forests of Canada, it’s that good.

5 Dogs Gourmet Hot Dogs

Fortitude Valley

Kick the late night kebab to the kerb and mix up your après-booze game with a serving of the poutine from 5 Dogs.  With melted mozzarella taking the place of the standard cheese curd, this poutine is a little rough, but if you’re eating it close to midnight then chances are you’re feeling a little rough too, so it all works out.

Chip Tease


Like an ice cream truck for the chip lover, this brightly coloured food truck will spark joy in your poutine-seeking heart. Chips are the star of the show at Chip Tease and are beer-battered shards of potato goodness. Covered in the obligatory gravy and cheese, the poutine at Chip Tease will have you scouring their Instagram and Facebook like a crazed chip hungry stalker.

The Burrow

West End

Three words: Blue. Cheese. Sauce. The poutine served up at The Burrow is a little bit different and a little bit special. It’s the Joaquin Phoenix of poutine. Crispy beer-battered chips tossed in blue cheese sauce, pink and green peppercorns, bacon lardons, parsley tips and a side of gravy. Pair with a sneaky beer, and you will be singing ‘O’ Canada’ in no time.

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Image credit: BuzzFeed

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