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What We are Watching This Month at Powerhouse

By Sophia McMeekin
12th Aug 2013


Brisbane Powerhouse always has so much on, that sometimes you just need someone in the know to tell you what to see (it also helps if they're a bit bossy). And, lucky you, we are that cultured, bossy person. And this month we definitely recommend you check out award-winning choreographer, Byron Perry's unique double show, Double Think.

One half of the program is Googlebox, a show tipped to be ideal for those with a short attention span (read: us and everyone we know). Inspired by the impending obsolescence of analogue television, Googlebox is a series of short, nostalgic romps through the various emotions the TV brings out in us, i.e. that choked up feeling you get when someone announces that TV is dead. Featuring a soundtrack with tunes as diverse as hip hop and Fleetwood Mac, this piece combines contemporary dance, light puppetry, and abstract cartoon aesthetics.

double think powerhouse brisbane

The second feature in this two-part program, Double Think, is inspired by the Orwellian notion of doublethink, and looks set to challenge your notions of perception and the nature of opposition. Using performer-operated lighting and live set manipulation to make a complex world out of simple objects, Double Think is going to blow your mind.

Byron Perry is an award-winning creator and in Double Think you can see why his work has had so much praise. This playful piece on the confusing and trippy opposition between light and dark is some of his best work yet. Catch this double feature at Brisbane Powerhouse from the 14 – 17th of August on the Turbine stage. Tickets will only set you back $32 smackers.

Note: Because we're being bossy today, we have to tell you that no trip to the P.H. is complete without at least ordering something from the consistently delish Bar Alto menu (seriously, it's all sublime), even if it's just a cheeky glass of champs. (Though a pre-show ravioli of roasted duck and mascarpone with wild mushroom ragout and a glass of champs would be better!). Or if a leisurely dinner before the event is more your style, why not partake in the pre-show special at Watt Restaurant and Bar, where for only $45 will get you two delish' courses and a drink. 


Image Credit: Powerhouse, Lara Gosta


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