What’s Trending In Brisbane Right Now | January

By Catherine Blake
10th Jan 2016

We’ve teamed up with Peroni to bring you our What’s Trending hit list: your monthly guide to maximising life in the city. We’re cutting through the chatter and counting down our top 10 hottest new openings, events, and trending happenings in Brisbane this month, so you won't miss a thing.

It’s a new year, yeah? You’re ready to leave the donuts, freakshakes, and superfluous trends of 2015 in the past where they belong, but what is going to replace the void? Fear not, this piping hot map of everything trending in the burgeoning 2016 will launch you into the new year with the verve and tenacity of a thousand glitter cannons:

#1: Travel Around The World Via Cocktail at Unforgiven

Darling & Co.’s basement tenant Unforgiven is an intimate and merciless stranger riddled with dim nooks. This cocktail bar and function space is an exercise in small-scale excellence, and we’d never forgive ourselves if we didn’t take pains to recommend Unforgiven’s cosmic concoctions. By the dozen.


#2: Get On The Fed Express at The Brisbane International Tennis

The promos are broadcasting; the sponsors are frothing; the racquet stringers are waking up, it’s time once again for Brisbane’s most anticipated tennis tournament. Come down and watch the greats of tennis (and everyone’s favourite, the Swiss rocket himself) pirouette across centre court and serve the neon fury.

#3: Dessert And Wine At New Northside Restaurant Too Zero

Billed as an inn of indulgence, we’re pleased to report that Stafford Heights’ latest lives up to the hype. At Too Zero, dessert is a sweet adventure through the dazzling fields of confectionery at the chef’s pleasure, and it’s our very great pleasure to indulge his whims.

#4: Smash Some Plates at Atalanta Bar and Greek 

We’ve been floundering in the grim lack of readily available fine Greek dining for far too long. Thank Zeus et al for the sporting chaps behind Atalanta Bar and Greek, whose delicious bites and smashing drinks remind us all why Greece is the greatest surviving ancient civilisation. Just go easy lest the Dionysian sensibilities take over and turn the whole thing into an orgy.

#5: German Bratwurst For The Win at New South Bank Eatery Pig and Kraut

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you put a sausage on a bun, but the two key ingredients vital for any sausage chow to even get a look in as a German bratwurst are pork and pickled cabbage. I’ll say this much: Pig and Kraut delivers. The surrounding parklands and German frites aren’t too bad either.

#6: APT8 Opens At QAGOMA

Returning for its 8th rollicking spectacular, the Asia Pacific Triennial is coming to turn your face inside out in a flurry of colour and light. Roll by QAGOMA anytime until April for a scurry through the phantasmagorical wonderbrush of artistic talents in the Asia Pacific.

#7: Swim With The Fishes at The Noosa Summer Swim Series

Every wondered what saltwater exhaustion feels like? Here’s your chance to find out. Returning for another 2km romp through the foam and spray, the Noosa Summer Swim Series invites superhumans and Olympians alike to tussle through 2000 metres’ worth of waves. Wetsuits optional.

#8: We'll take the Kingfish Crudo at Coppa Spuntino 

There’s nothing better to cut through the sultry heat than with a summer sesh at Coppa Spuntino. With a lean menu of zesty-fresh classics and an elegant, gin-and-cherry-bitters take on our beloved Aperol spritz, Coppa’s got the goods for a summer long sesh to keep us well chill until mid-March.

#9: Yes to The 7 Course Vietnamese Banquet at Libertine

What even is this majesty? Seven whole courses of Vietnamese glory, that’s what. Every plate of Libertine’s fantabulous degustation banquet comes packed with powerful flavour to blast your buds into the nebula and is every bit as decadent as it sounds.

#10: Revisit An Old Favourite at The Iconic Regatta Hotel

The Regatta Hotel is a rite of passage for Brisbane uni students, but it is also one of the undisputed best spots in town for a classic Sunday session in the beer garden. Shout your mates a Peroni and settle in for a breezy afternoon of fun away from the January heat.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

We're beyond thrilled to partner with Peroni to bring you the What’s Trending series—our monthly guide to the hottest new openings, events, and Instagrammable happenings in Brisbane. Each edition of What’s Trending is researched and recommended by The Urban List, and served to you by Peroni—our go-to beer when we’re after something deliciously crisp to sip. Look out for our monthly Peroni What’s Trending hit-list for everything hot in your city right now, and while you’re working your way through the list, relax with a long cold Peroni at the hotspots marked with a ribbon. Buon Appetitio!

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