What’s Your Pick Up Style? Take Our Quiz!

By Daniel Colasimone
15th Apr 2014

There aren't many articles (or, um, quizzes) that cover pick up techniques for women, are there? That's because girls just have to show up at a bar, party or any social event and pretty much just stand there while us poor guys squabble for their attention. 

Some men are more adept at paying court than others, but by a certain age most have at least settled on their preferred technique, even if they couldn't put a finger on what it is.

Here at The Urban List we specialise in putting fingers on things, so we've devised a quiz to help you fellows work out what kind of picker upperer you are.

Fill out my online form.


Now take a moment to count up all your As Bs Cs Ds Es and Fs. Finished? Click here to find out pick up style!


   TUL Note: Hailing from the 'Paris of the South,' Bundaberg, Dan Colasimone is back in Brisbane after spending the better part of a decade living overseas. He also writes about sport. He once completed an Arts degree. Twitter: @ArgentinaFW    

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