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Where to Buy Wine Online

By Catherine Blake
13th Jul 2014

If you think online shopping is addictive enough, I have some bad news, and your liver won't like it…

Too often I've found myself running rampant in my haste to lay hands on a quality drop, and too often I've been cornered by convenience at the local BWS. Do yourself a favour; buy your wine online and have the good stuff delivered straight to your door. You can awaken your palate and save the time and sanity you hold dearest. Here are a few places to buy wine online that will change your life.


If you fancy yourself a fairly well-seasoned lush, check out our very good friends at WineMarket for some of the best deals on the best wine (like Veuve and Moet) in cyberspace. Delivered direct to your door by the case, WineMarket is ideal for your next big do. Or, just for your personal stocks so that when Friday wine-o-clock rolls around, you aren't banging down the door of every bottle-shop in town to get your fix. Tres convenient.


The chaps at Vinomofo know a thing or two about pleasing their 260,000 members. More than just a wine retailer, Vinomofo has come a long way from its roots in an Adelaide garage. With choice deals, wine education videos, and an entire subculture for you to join, it's easy to see how the young Vinomofo represents the future of buying wine online. 

Wine Emporium

An Urban List favourite, the Wine Emporium offers an extensive range of everything you could imagine in local and imported wines, and now they're available to purchase online! Best yet, the Wine Emporium hosts wine education classes and tastings to broaden your palate so you can know what to look for next time you point and click. 

Cellar Masters

For 32 years Cellar Masters have been supporting Australian growers and distributing quality wines direct to consumers Australia-wide. If you're a little daunted by the impersonality of online shopping you can always call up one of Cellar Masters' certified wine advisors for some quality one-on-one wine talk.

Stewarts Wine Co.

Purveying the grape since 1905, Stewart's Wine Co. know a thing or two about plonk. Located in Brisbane, Stewart's is home to a vast selection wines to suit every sensibility and palate, and it can all be delivered straight to your door. I can't think of any better reason to buy wine online. 

Image Credits: Style Me Pretty, Daniel J Photography via Style Me Pretty

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