Where to Find Brisbane’s Best Toast

By Sophia McMeekin
17th Jun 2014

It's the bachelor staple that's (almost) impossible to get wrong, but as easy as it may seem to DIY, these days it appears we're opting for the gourmet, eat-out version, 'cause Brisbane's toast scene is booming.

Blame it on Instagram or our growing aversion to cooking even the simplest food stuff at home ('cause why bother when someone else can do it, and do it better, for you) but food trends are becoming increasingly ridiculous. Case in point: toast. 

Yep, that's bread that's been toasted, then smothered in something, and it's a thing now. But we're not talking a square of Wonder White here. This is 'artisan toast' — which is essentially toast that's been tszujed within an inch of its life — and it's on the rise. Think succulent sourdoughs, Pepe Saya butter, or hand-made preserves. Even everyone's favourite black gold, Vegemite is getting a look in at our favourite Brisbane cafes.

This charred carb' has always been present on unassuming Brisbane breakfast menus, but it's the new gourmet take on toast that has us parting with our hard earned loose change for a slice or two. 

Before you — perhaps legitimately — peg this as a world gone mad, you might want to try a slice of our favourite Brisbane toast offerings.

The Gresham | Brisbane City

You might know The Gresham as a damn cool whisky bar, but this CBD haunt also does breakfast, and, more specifically, toast! Seven types of toast, to be precise. With a selection of jams, marmalades, Vegemite, peanut butter (both crunchy and smooth), as well as avocado, all served up on toasted Turkish, and with cracking toast and coffee deals to boot (only 6 beans for a large coffee and toast!), this is a CBD Brisbane breakfast spot you can't walk past.

Atticus Finch Café | Paddington

New Brisbane café, Atticus Finch has embraced all things toasted with open arms, serving up two types of toast, 'regular' and 'amazing'. The regular version includes Nutella and peanut butter versions, while the amazing menu includes basil salsa with olives and cherry tomatoes, berry compote, and a satay chilli paste version. 

Gerard's Bistro | New Farm

The Middle-Eastern influenced breakfast menu at this Brisbane restaurant includes a heavenly fig and barberry sourdough, with James Street rooftop honey, and cultured butter. You'll be feeling cultured after a slice or two of Gerard's toasty offering, no doubt about it.

Sol Breads | West End

Sol Breads have just the kind of pared back breakfast menu that makes you appreciate the high quality toast on offer (they are all about the bread, after all). Known for their quality gluten free options, this Brisbane cafe and bakery do a range of toasts, from thick fruit toast, to sourdough with organic butter preserves, and even an orange and date damper, if you're feeling a little bit country.

Foxy Bean | Woolloongabba

If you're a raisin toast fan, you'll be into Foxy Bean's loaded fruit and nut toast, served with Pepe Saya's handmade butter.

Jamie's Espresso and Bar | New Farm

Way chilled Jamie's do the kind of simple toast offering you'd expect from this iconic Brisbane cafe and bar. The perfect accompaniment to a coffee, Jamie's toast can be spruced up with half an avocado if you so desire.

Plenty | West End

West End's Plenty do a few quality toast options, each as moreish as the next. Their 'plain' toast offering is anything but, spread with house jam or macadamia butter. And their Middle Eastern fruit toast is something else. 

Did we miss one of your favourite Brisbane cafes? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Honestly Yum, Bustle

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