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Where to Get Take-Away Soup in Brisbane

By aj james
6th Jul 2014

I've spent the past 7+ days consuming an insanely large amount of soup. And it hasn't been by choice.

For this was no Gwnyeth Paltrow inspired detox plan or intention to only eat foods that could be ingested via a straw. There was no guilt at play, desire to 'eat clean' or give the digestion a break.

There were bigger forces at work. It was the flu. The flu that, as my father did tell me, "would have been avoided were you to come over and have that vaccine that's been sitting in the fridge for a month". To borrow from 10 Things I Hate About You, I should have listened to my father.

Yes. This was that flu. The nasty one that has friends and family avoiding you* and your housemates poking their heads in of a morning to check that you are in fact still breathing, because, "You sounded like you were having a little oboe concert with some seals in your room last night".

The full-blown lurgy. 

But, learning that flu vacs shouldn't be avoided aside, you should listen to your father, and that binge watching television shows has odd repercussions ** there are some relevant findings for us all here this flu season…

These findings being soup, and hence the long-winded purpose of this post, which is where to get takeaway soup that tastes like it's home made, in Brisbane, for when you're on your deathbed and nothing else will make you well. 


Their soups are a saviour and it's no wonder they need to constantly refill their freezer. What makes each New Farm Deli soup excellent? Thickness. These are hearty (the minestrone in particular) and if you know you won't rise for your next meal, you can take comfort knowing there's some serious goodness sitting in your belly.


Another Italian family comes to the rescue here, and the brilliant thing is they have two locations – so pick up is easy for all. The mushroom is good, the sweet potato well recommended. Bless the Togninis family. They do comfort food so very well.

Pasta Pantry

Rosalie's home to all things hearty and home-cooked, Pasta Pantry do a very warming range of soups you can takeaway at your leisure (or let some kind, helpful person pick up for you). The roast pumpkin, kumera, and red lentil is a rich and soothing concoction, while the healthy chicken is just the ticket for those times when you're trapped under your doona.


The pea and ham soup from Sirianni's deli section was a real winner. And I don't even like ham. Mind you, this was also day three – so I didn't really care what I slurped. Pork problems aside it was thick with pulses, ergo plenty of legume-based goodness.  

Taro's Ramen

This is seriously restorative stuff. But, you're going to need a loved one or slave to pick it up for you, because plodding into the CBD in your sweats is never a good look. Nor is it appreciated by fellow diners. What is appreciated, however, is the goodness you will reap from Taro's bowls of Japanese themed noodle soup goodness. And they're MSG free! Because your body is already fighting enough crap, don't give it anything else to combat. 


This woman and her employees are legends. I live a stone's throw from Pamela's cottage filled with homely delights and have slurped through many of her soups. The pumpkin and chicken were both good, but the vegetable was the pick. On day four (high on medication) I thought the vitamin packed pieces of many carrots, peas, and other good things from the ground looked like little dancing gem stones in a swirly sea of broth. 


This is your artisan end of soup shopping. Everything from the packaging to the ingredients in Jocelyn's soups scream, but not literally, high quality. They take the classic chicken noodle soup, and give it a Chinese spin. The noodles add a bit of fun too, because, let's face it, when you haven't left the house in eons, you look for entertainment anywhere.


Normally relied upon in times of self-imposed sickness, Quan Thanh's beef pho is the rejuvenation liquid of the gods. It's easy. Ring ahead, find a courier slash friend to pick up for you, put dressing gown on and sit waiting at bench. Pour the broth container over the one containing noodles, herbs and beef, and let this trusted dish do its work. Add a little chilli and really let your sinuses steam.

*To be fair, they sent text messages of concern.

** Don't go with spy themed shows, for when you're up and about again you'll be convinced you're being tailed, and also start thinking while standing in the kitchen that you'd actually be pretty good at knife throwing if there was a Russian mob intruder coming up the stairs. 

Where do you get your takeaway soup in Brisbane? We'd love to know…

AJ (or Amanda) James is a roaming writer. Based in Brisbane (when she's not on a plane or walking down a sometimes-unsavoury foreign street in search of a good authentic feed), she contributes to a number of publications on matters of food and travel. She recently launched Pepper Passport, "a publication for the avid cook, discerning and curious traveller, lover and sharer of good things, both at home and while away".

Image credit: Feasting at Home

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