Where To Find Brisbane’s Best African Food

By Phoebe Lee
27th Jan 2016

If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying African food before, it turns out Brisbane is home to some amazing restaurants serving up delicious eats. Not only is it a chance to eat great food, but visiting an African restaurant is a chance to eat something you’ve probably never tried before! To help you guys out, we’ve put together this guide to Brisbane’s best African food. Get eating.

Made In Africa


You’ll find the fantastic Ethiopian restaurant Made In Africa in Moorooka, serving up generous plates of food. If you’ve never eaten Ethiopian food before, don’t worry, the friendly staff will talk you through the menu. A great starting point are the shared platters, which combine meat and vegetable dishes to give you a taste of everything. The food here is earthy and bursting with flavour, it’ll definitely have you coming back for more.


West End

Mu'ooz in West End is set up as a not-for-profit, they also train and employ refugee women who create incredible meals with a mix of bold flavours. Meals here are served with Enjera bread, a pancake-like sourdough used in place of an eating utensil. Try it out with a traditional favourite, the Barai, of spicy beef curry flavoured with Berberé, onion, tomato, garlic and tesmi.

Ethio-African Restaurant and Injera Bakery


Don’t let the modest setting fool you, the food at the Ethio-African Restaurant and Injera Bakery is not to be missed as it boasts bold, authentic North African flavours. While it may be tucked down a laneway with bright handwoven baskets decorating the space, it’s the food that really shines. Try traditional treats like Key Wot (beef), Lega Tibes (roast lamb) and Zil Zil Tibes (grilled meat). Vegetarian? No worries. They serve up amazing veggie dishes using beans, chick peas, root vegetables and other legumes too.

Yeshi Buna Ethio African


With its brightly painted walls and cool table adornments it’s easy to fall in love with Yeshi Buna quickly. The Ethiopian coffee here is a must-try at the end of the meal and, if you really want to try something new, you can opt for their all-day breakfast menu. For a more evening-appropriate meal,  try the famous Ethiopian Doro Wot (marinated chicken) or Gomen be Siga (slowly simmered lamb).

Cush Sudanese


You’ll find Cush hidden downstairs at the back of an arcade on Beaudesert Road in Moorooka, but it’s worth the effort. Here you can try Zighni (spicy Sudanese curry), Kessra (traditional flat bread), broad bean stew and Sudanese-style fried fish. It’s simple, humble cooking that combines exotic flavours with fresh ingredients.

Image credit: New York Times

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