Where To Get A Healthy Lunch In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
30th Jan 2017

So much energy goes into sourcing indulgent and lavish luncheons that sometimes we forget that poutine is not a food group. Summer’s thin fabrics and unforgiving dress code means it’s time to love thy rig and get fresh with healthy lunches that aren’t boring salads or half-hearted plates of cut fruit. Fortunately, Brisbane’s got some creative minds at work in our most nutritionally conscious kitchens to save us sacrificing thrill for nourishment.

Here’s where we go for reliably healthy feasts that leave you feeling full, happy and #blessed:



Thr1ve’s health food revolution began as an answer to the question ‘why sacrifice quality for speed?’ Made from local produce and proteins, 100% gluten free, and completely void of added sugar, Th1ve’s menu is a nutritional masterpiece guaranteed to replenish your stores. They’ll even give you a nutritional breakdown of everything going on in your bites so you can rest assured that your lunch was a good one.

Wilde Kitchen


Geared to cater for every kind of dietary requirement, restriction, or predilection, you can safely gorge on Wilde’s entire menu knowing there is no junk in sight. Every component of every dish is made on site so it’s as fresh as if you made it yourself. Wilde also serves up specialty coffee from Wolff and Cocowhip sundaes for guilt-free indulgence.


Red Hill and Newstead

Their salads the stuff of legend, Botanica is our saviour of the potluck. Even if you’ve never actually been to Botanica it’s likely that you’ve had their salads, they’re that ubiquitous and rightly so as the team manage to work even the simplest assortment of kale and croutons into lipsmacking gold.



The cold-pressed juices are what they’re known for, but come lunchtime Pressed serves up some pretty off-the-goddamn-chain salads and greenery. Gives ya the positive nourished vibes like nothing else lemme tell ya. Pressed also shoulders the responsibility for any upcoming juice cleanses you might be anticipating. Just try it, you won’t regret how revitalised and rejuvenated it will make you feel.



Because they’re famous for their sweets, Nodo is often overlooked for a nutritious lunch. A doughnut bakery is hardly going to be the first thing you think of when looking for a healthy feed, even though Nodo doughnuts are gluten, sugar and dairy free. Their summer lunch menu is also completely gluten free and includes super-satisfying meals like a mushroom burger, a cured salmon nourish bowl, and a felafel-crammed house salad.

Pando Café


Catering to your most pious New Year’s resolutions, Pando’s credo of gluten and sugar free food made with locally sourced produce might just see you through the temptation of a filthy feed. Accordingly, their lunch menu is replete with plenty of vegetarian options, fresh juices, and Perkii probiotics.



The crew at Evolve’s hard-won title of juicing pioneers is well deserved. Their organic, cold-pressed juices are brilliant on their own as a way to boost your system, and even better if you take on a juice cleanse. For lunch though, Evolve’s organic and plant based menu of feastings means you can detox your system without having to give up solids entirely.

Sol Natural Foods

Fortitude Valley

We’ve always loved Sol Natural Foods for their incredible breads and inspiring use of non-wheat flours, but they’re also pretty good at knowing they way around a healthy lunch. Most of their menu is available in vegan or vegetarian form and includes everything from sandwiches and salads, to lasagne, pizza, and burgers.           

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen

West End

So you’ve tried to give up burgers and find the transition harder than expected. The cravings have just hit and the Uber Eats app is open with a photo of a glisteningly fatty burger and your self-control is slipping. Fear not, Miss Bliss is here to save your added bacon. Their bliss burgers are goddamn delicious and will totally change your conception of a healthy lunch. Make sure you get some raw treats to go and show that afternoon slump what’s what.



Home of the super nourishing dragon bowl, lunch at Wholesomeness will send you raring back into your afternoon like a cyclone of productivity.  Their meals are balanced, packed with goodness, and tasty AF, so they’re the perfect lunch for career-oriented glamazons strapped for time to forage. Wholesomeness also provides a variety of meal plans for when your desire to respect the temple chafes against the amount of time you have to research, plan and portion your meals for the next month.

Satori Wholefoods Café


With a menu made on local produce from organic suppliers and a pledge to accommodate all allergies and dietary requirements, Satori Wholefoods is a pretty spectacular café-cum-grocer. The nutrient dense Buddha bowls always hit the spot for the midday meal while the Cocowhip and coffee by Five Senses keeps you riding high until dinnertime.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie 

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