Where To Get Pork Belly in Brisbane

By Laura Walkley
27th Jul 2015


e'cco Bistro | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

I could go full hog about how succulent yet crunchy pork belly is, but we all know when preparing it in our own kitchen, the crackling goes soggy or the meat ends up dry. It’s a dish best left to the professionals, so instead of bringing home the bacon (pork), trot out and try these perfectly cooked variations of your favourite dish that will fulfill your crackling-filled dreams. 

Here are our favourite pork belly dishes from Brisbane’s best restaurants!


The Survey Co.

Brisbane CBD

Just when you thought pork belly couldn’t get anymore indulgent, The Survey Co. graced us with its succulent pork belly tacos. At just $14 you can dine like a queen in the lush Brisbane restaurant without pushing your bank account into negative territory.

Noma Cafe

Wavell Heights

Newbie on the Northside, Noma Cafe has an uber-gourmet pork belly deluxe sanga that is ideal for picking up for lunch on your morning commute. The cafe prides itself on fresh ingredients and fast service, so don’t expect to be waiting around long for your pork fix.

Gerard’s Bar

Fortitude Valley

Get your pork belly needs meet and then some between bread at Gerard’s Bar with their impressive pork belly sandwich, with white anchovy, roasted garlic aioli, and crispy, crunchy pork crackling. Pair this epic pork belly open-face with some cured meats for the ultimate pig-out.

e’cco Bistro

Brisbane CBD

e’cco pairs their fancy pastrami pork belly with pineapple, caraway, fennel and charred cabbage—a dish that tastes so damn good you’ll never, ever attempt to make pork belly at home again. You ruin us, e’cco.

Chur Burger

Fortitude Valley

Drop everything you’re doing and get yourself to Chur Burger, the hip Valley diner, for a crispy pork belly burger with chilli caramel, slaw and aioli. Make the spontaneous trip worth it with their Milo milkshake and sweet, sweet potato fries.

Habitat Bar & Kitchen

West End

Habitat’s pork belly is a party on a plate, with crispy crackling hugging a moist, bite-sized portion of pork while kale swirls itself seductively around the outskirts like a fun third-wheel and bacon and date puree hold hands with a stuffed baked half apple. It’s a rager.

The German Club

East Brisbane

Skip the bratwursts for one night and order the pork belly at The German Club. The signature dish of the East Brisbane jaunt proves that German’s know what they’re doing when it comes to meat. 10/10 of survey respondents would eat again.

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