Who Does The Best Coffee In Brisbane?

By Catherine Blake
9th Feb 2016

Brisbanes best coffee

Mornings are more certain than death. Despite the recurring pattern of the dawn, our bleary eyes startle with each day’s wakening, prised open by sunlight most foul.

Long have sleepy sippers gathered round their empty cups and raised their voices in a desperate plea to be delivered from tiredom via caffeine.

Ergo, here are the best cafes in Brisbane to get an excellent coffee wake up call:

Big Bad Wolff Espresso Bar


Nestled within the Wolff Röst Haus, Big Bad Wolff Espresso is one limb of a three-pronged operation that includes Dandelion & Driftwood and Queen of Pops. Farther ventures beyond the espresso bar will unveil Wolff’s cupping room and access to a variety of stimulating blends that power the populace.



Gather round the vine-covered nook and reap the holistic benefits of Bunker’s specialty bean. A rare and temperamental fruit, Bunker’s particular brand of pep has an almost cult status and can be found closer afield at John Mills Himself in the CBD.

Coffee Anthology


The coffee campaign soldiers on and brings us next to Coffee Anthology. Many know them for their lithe-wristed latte artists who make coffees that look as good as they taste, but Coffee Anthology is also an epicentre of coffee jargon where you can kit out and wise up on the coffee game.

The Little Prince Espresso


The Little Prince Espresso in Woolloongabba serves up strong Coffee Supreme-roasted perfection inside the old fabulous old Princess Theatre opposite the Mater Hospital. While the coffee is strong, the vibe is as chill as you would expect from a café that is named after one of the world’s most inspirational books on keeping life in perspective, La Petit Prince.

Gramercy Coffee


Permeating the heady fragrance of beans from Sydney’s Reuben Hills Espresso, and alive with shouts of ‘Eureka!’, Gramercy Coffee is where the devoted and coffee-dependent flock in droves for cups of sweet espresso splendour and muffins the size of your head.

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters


Besides bright lights, on-site roasting is the coffee pilgrims’ single vulnerability. As fellows of bean worship, Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters have this essential factor locked down and mellowed out with a local community feel you didn’t even know you were looking for.

The Odyssey Project


Here is a proper sanctuary for bean addicts. Beneath their own roasting drums, Odyssey specialises in getting high of their own supply and propping up your lids with some flagrant single origins and provocative blends that will reaffirm your faith in fairytales.

Reverends Fine Coffee

Fortitude Valley

Fervent bean worship claims another café. Reverends' tidy legion of baristas have the uncanny ability to imbue their brews with the purest joy and just the barest hint of real divinity into the storm of flavours swirling in our biodegradable takeaway cups. Whosoever harbours love in their heart shall have a place at Reverend’s.

The Single Guys


Famine and expiry are foreign to the folk of yonder Kenmore who call The Single Guys their local. Slack-jawed exhaustion is obliterated with every sip of their slick and subtle cremas, which have enticed many eastsiders to the other side of the M5.



For so long the corporate battalions were denied the balanced acidity and smooth mouth feel of a coffee that kicks back. Lo, the arrival of Strauss rescued us from the daily torment of sub par brews, and beholden their amber glory unto us like gifteths to the baby Jesus.

Tiller Coffee


Compact, swift and straight up ballers; when you brew out of a shipping container there’s not much else you can be. Tiller is a hub of excellence where masters flaunt their talents of the crema and artisans far and wide boast their cheeky exploits. You’ll know them by the sawn-off tree stumps and the cloud of tender bean that wafteth on the breeze.

Two Trees

South Brisbane

This evergreen hub guarantees a brew worth guzzling. Every time someone orders a flat white, the slumber gods shrink in fear from the power and the fury of Two Trees’ free-flowing tannic tide.

U&I Espresso


Unassuming to the extent of being almost sneaky, U&I Espresso lights up Ashgrove like a flaming car. Theirs is a charged and bristling brew that showers upon the hapless many like harvest rain, inciting an almost transcendent experience before it’s barely 9am. 

The Woolloongabba Social Club


Besides being Brisbane’s incarnation of Coffee Supreme, The Woolloongabba Social Club hits on the social aspect of slurping and reveals coffee’s greatest power, even more than slaking thirsts, is bringing people together to discuss how much their thirsts need slaking.

Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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