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A Wine-Tasting Fun Run Is Coming To Brisbane!

By Jessica Pridmore
26th Apr 2017


Anyone that claims they run for ‘pleasure’ is a damn liar (that’s akin to saying you really enjoy doing your tax return—you’re clearly a serial killer…), but combine one of life’s greatest pastimes—drinking wine—with a light jog every now and then, well, you might just tempt me to pound that pavement. To the nearest pub…

But, wouldn’t you know, some genius has done just that. Behold, The Grapest 5K Run; a fun run dedicated to drinking wine. No, this is no joke!

Hmm, alcohol and exercise, we hear you pondering like sensible, law-abiding adults. We agree, this could get interesting under normal (Friday knock-off) circumstances, so here’s the deal; the course for The Grapest 5k Run is split into two sections—the running part, and the drinking part.

Part one: run, jog or walk the first 5km (now now, don’t be put off that easily!) through the beautiful vineyards of Ocean View Estates. Part two: kick back to neutral with another one-kilometre crawl walk, this time sampling some sweet tipples along the way.

Okay, so you don’t actually have to do the first 5km run at all; you can be a total slacker and simply stroll through the stunning vineyard and sample wines as you go. You even get your own custom wine cup. Classy!

So, gather your favourite drinking-come-would-be-running buddies and sign yourself up. A bit of exercise plus gorgeous views plus a few tipples sounds like nothing but good times to us!

The details

What: The Grapest 5K Run
When: 3rd June 2017, 3pm–8pm
Where: Ocean View Estates, Ocean View

For full event information and to book your tickets, hit this link.

Image credit: Karsten Würth

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