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By Sophia McMeekin
28th Feb 2014

Mixtapes were made for workouts, and, lucky you, we have some very sporty friends who have shared their tips for getting a super fly bod with us, as well as their favourite workout tunes to make the time fly as you're firming!

TPS are Pilates wizards who can help you get that firm core, toned butt and thighs, and strong arms we all want. TPS (who have friendly studios in Morningside, Redlands, Lutwyche) utilise Pilates chairs, Swiss balls, and Pilates reformers to sculpt your body, and this week they've generously shared a little workout you can do in the park all by yourself, or with friends.

Grab a friend and head to the park for this fun and easy workout.


Jog 100m followed by 20 walking lunges and 10 push-ups
Jog 100m followed by 16 walking lunges and 8 push-ups
Repeat as above until you get to 4 walking lunges and 4 push-ups
Stretch: Gluteal and Chest

Complete 3 circuits

Person A:

Runs 1 Lap Approximately 400m

Person B:

20 Mountain Climbers
20 Body Squats
20 Table Top Toe Taps
Repeat Until Person A Returns

Complete 3 circuits

Find a park bench

10 Step-Ups Per Leg
20 Dips
30sec Prone Plank
Sprint 100m
Walk 100m Recovery

Stretch: 5min minimum (Focus on lower back, gluts, quads and chest).

TPS Health Work Out Playlist by The Urban List on Grooveshark

Image credit: Fitness for the Fittest, Fit Sugar

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