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By Catherine Blake
2nd Feb 2016

Ze Pickle Brisbane
Ze Pickle Sydney
Ze Pickle Brisbane
Ze Pickle Brisbane
Ze Pickle Sydney
Ze Pickle Brisbane

Some are born great, others achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em. Brisbane is lucky to be the latter after the famed Ze Pickle sprung up in the Valley’s Prospect Street (insert pun about prospective future) reppin’ burgs six days a week.

(We originally sent Phil, the token lad of our office, to check it out but he’s still flying high from his last helping of Ze Chips and has not regained full control of his faculties. Any tips on how to snap someone out of catatonic euphoria would be greatly appreciated.)

No one was prepared to discover exactly how much their packed lunch sucked. Ze Pickle taught us better. They’re on a mission to sate intense appetites and thirsty jowls; nothing tempered, nothing tame. Ergo they’ve bulldozed conventional burger norms built a rep for monster feeds. Just a quick glance of the menu and pretty much everything from the bacon laced waffle bun to Kanye’s fried cheeze sticks jumps out at you. The decision is hard but only because the exact type of mind-bender you’re looking for changes with each burger.

First under scrutiny is the 3am burger; stacked high with crisp and oozy cheeze sticks, and freshened with some zesty guacamole, it’s the ideal feed following a brutal night out. The fact that Ze Pickle doesn’t actually serve the 3am burger at 3am is the purest example of a tragedy. Then out of nowhere comes the Pablo Escoburger, a nachoscopic reconstruction of everyone’s favourite use for corn chips, and a total curveball on the burger scene. Even Ze Pickle’s most classic combination has the power to change your life. Trust us; you will never know true joy until you’ve been surprised by the crisp little onion rings tucked below the lid of the Chee-Ze burger (BYO smelling salts).

As for tipples Ze Pickle has their shit well sorted. Their selection of witty cocktails will leave you legless and ecstatic, but they’ve also got an astonishing range of craft beers just chilling on tap like they got nowhere to be. 

Want the location, opening hours and all the details? Check out Ze Pickle in The Directory!

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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