25 Signs You’re Officially Best Friends

By Dominique Shields
28th Feb 2018

Can we just take a moment and have a slow clap for the BFFs in our lives? The gals that are always there for you; from spontaneous beach trips, to drunk crying into your takeaway chips and everything in between. To the ones that love you unconditionally even though you're partial to doing some questionable (okay, sometimes just downright dumb) things because they’re usually right beside you for the ride.

Some friends might come and go but a best friend is forever, so we’ve teamed up with Emma & Roe, who are on the same page as us when it comes to loving your bestie, to compile the ultimate list of tell-tale signs that you guys are actually BFFs.

  1. Nothing is ever TMI because you know literally everything about each other anyway.
  2. She’s the first person to comment ‘YAASSS KWEEN’ on your latest Insta post (even though she spent the last hour going through filters with you).
  3. She turns up on your doorstep with wine and chocolate when a fella does you wrong (extra points if she offers to marry you as well).
  4. You go on spontaneous trips together. Whether it's to the nearest beach for a day trip or a bit of a jet-set, you + her = double trouble.
  5. You don’t know what clothes are yours or hers in your closet anymore because they're now just ‘ours’.
  6. You can communicate fully through grunts and eye rolls and know exactly what the other is saying.
  7. Whether it’s a glammed up night on the town or a movie marathon where you eat your weight in ice cream, you find yourselves in stitches of laughter regardless.
  8. But most importantly you have the same taste in food meaning you can share plate it up #BFFGoals.
  9. You both give killer presents because you have the same taste. And you definitely think, “well, this would look good on me as well…”
  10. She tells you what you need to hear when you need to hear it, even if it’s the harsh truth because there’s nothing but love between you guys.
  11. If you ever feel concerned about your wine consumption you just look at your BFF who’s right there with you holding a glass equally as full.
  12. You plan out your future when you’ll be old and grey in a retirement village, hooning on mobility scooters with matching purple rinses.
  13. You have your travel bucket list planned to perfection and couldn’t think of anyone else you’d rather spend a night in a dodgy hostel with.
  14. Boyfriends of Insta? More like BFFs of Insta! You trust each other to get that ~ perfect shot ~ because you, of course, know your bestie’s best angles.
  15. You can tag them in a Facebook meme, Instagram post, send a Snapchat and bombard them with texts and there’s still zero stalker vibes (I JUST LOVE U, K?).
  16. Their mum is your second mum who gives amazing advice.
  17. They will never post a bad photo of you on Facebook for your birthday because you have an equally bad arsenal of them.
  18. You tell your bestie that you hate them all the time but everyone knows that ‘hate’ means ‘love’, duh!
  19. They’ll take your phone when it’s 2am and you’re considering drunk texting your ex. Your bestie will then proceed to take you home via Maccas to get a cheeseburger and chips because carbs are better than men, always.

  20. ...especially when it involves food and alcohol. BUT, they will stop you from buying those silver platform boots that you really, really don’t need.
  21. You stop each other online shopping because you’re trying to break the addiction so just spend the night sending links to each other of what you would buy.
  22. You have that one special song where whenever it comes on you immediately find each other, belt out every word and break DOWN on the dfloor.
  23. Or if it comes on and you’re apart, you send Snapchats to each other singing said song.
  24. You can count on them for whatever, whenever, wherever because a best friend has your back no matter what. 

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