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Here’s The Low-Down On Why Everyone Is Getting Freckle Tattoos

By Catherine Blake
5th Dec 2018

From Kylie Jenner baring a makeup-free face on her Instagram, to Zoe Kravitz' no makeup makeup during her recent press tour of Fantastic Beasts, skate brand Places + Faces' models in their F/W18 campaign, and supermodel Adwoa Aboah's refusal to cover hers, everyone's rocking freckles.

Human kind has a weird collection of kinks and fetishes, with clear and flawless skin being one of them. Both a sign of youth, and the kind of lifestyle that keeps faces out of direct sunlight that only the ultra-rich can afford, a blemish-free countenance has been an enduring status symbol.

But with the rising rebellion trend being paved out across multiple disciplines (just take one look at the charts right now, the beauty trends we're rocking and the films we're loving) culture, it seems, is breaking free of this unsatisfying quest for perfection—and facial tattoos are back becuase of it, in the guise of freckle tattoos.


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As intentional blemishes and a variety of facial tattoo, freckle tatts are at their core a rebellion against conventional dictates of beauty. Where once a sign of too much outdoor labour and not enough sitting inside hiding from unsuitable bachelors, freckles have now emerged as a covetable feature, and yours in just one easy treatment.

Officially filed under the banner of ‘cosmetic tattooing’, freckle tattoos are semi-permanent and, in dark brown ink, look crisper than natural freckles. The overall effect is like imperfection in HD, with dappled cheekbones.

Once you’ve embraced the freckle phenomenon, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. Case in point: astrofrecks, which are essentially freckle tatts in the formation of astral constellations. You could literally have Cassiopeia tattooed across your face and the job interviewer would be none the wiser...

Call it the rebuttal of unattainable beauty standards, freedom of expression, a celebration of 'imperfection' as perfection, call it what you like; freckles are the new normal.

You can get your own smattering of freckle tattoos from Cosmetic Image Clinics in Brisbane, My Cosmetic Tattoo in Sydney, Eye Art Studio or The Peach Club in Melbourne, and Dr Freckle & Mr Hide in Perth.

Image credit: Kylie Jenner via Instagram

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