Pull Out Your Winter Woolies, A Record Cold Snap Is About To Have Us All Shivering In Iso

By Ranyhyn Laine
29th Apr 2020

A man with long hair blowing in the wind, stands outside while light snow falls.

Just as we all got excited over beaches reopening, lockdown rules relaxing and some east coast states even getting to go for picnics (PICNICS. Remember those?), the weather turns around and reminds us that winter is on its way, and we’re probably going to want to be stuck indoors for the next three to four months. 

Yep, it’s time to pop away the kayak you just dragged out of storage in the hopes of getting some actual exercise, because as of today, temperatures are set to plummet right up and down the east side of the country, and friends, it is going to get COLD. The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting the coldest April days in 60 years for some states, as the strongest cold front of the year sweeps through South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, ACT and Queensland. 

Surprise, surprise, the grey-sky loving residents of Melbourne are going to cop the worst of it, with a maximum of 14C predicted from Thursday through to Monday, and evening temperatures dropping to single digits. In an added bonus, rain, storms and potential flooding are also on their way for almost all of Victoria, so it is absolutely time to drag out the puffer vests and fluffy socks. 

Sydney will be feeling the brunt of it from Saturday, so anyone leaving the house for that weekend stroll along the coast can just turn around and go right back home, because temperatures under 20C are not beach friendly. Sydney-siders will also want to pull out the slippers with nights to drop to below 10C until at least Thursday. 

And South East Queensland, well, maybe break out the light jackets early this year, because your picnic plans are about to be thwarted by temperatures in the low 20s for the long weekend. If you brave the chill, make sure you’re back home and rugged up tight before sundown, because you don’t want to be caught out when the mercury drops down to a shivery 10C overnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Rug up and stay indoors people—only for a reason that isn’t a global pandemic this time. 

If you’re feeling cooped up inside because of the cold or COVID-19, here’s 8 ways to give yourself a break.

Image credit: Taylor/Unsplash

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