5 Times The Coast Hosted A-Grade Celebs And Could Not Even Deal

By Samantha Kamala
5th Aug 2018

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When Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Jr filmed Scooby-Doo on the Gold Coast in 2001, our entire city felt a newfound love for Movie World, the incredible institution that had finally graced us with the presence of A-Listers. Right here in our very own back yard, straight off the streets of Hollywood and the set of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. 

Little did we know that Gellar and Prince were just the start of our dillydally with rich and famous visitors. Our fancy restaurants now have “celebrity policies” and spotting a real deal famous person is now highly probable in some pockets of the Gold Coast.

Sometimes, we just cannot even deal. So here are five times we casually lost our sh*t over these A-list visitors.

Orlando Bloom

There are a few Gold Coast women still slapping themselves stupid for not finding the time—like so many did—to visit Elk Espresso during that sunny month of 2015 when Orlando Bloom kept rolling up for his morning coffee and breakfast salad like it was no big deal. When, in fact, it was a very big deal. Newspapers reported that his son, Flynn, has a fondness for fresh apple juice, and restaurateurs were quizzed on Bloom’s dietary habits. His minders politely requested no photos, but hordes of fans carried on trying to snap selfies with him nonetheless. This was probably about the time that the phrase “cannot deal” got very popular.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard 

We can safely assume that the most exciting day of work ever had by the staff at Southport Magistrates Court was back in April 2016 when Johnny Depp and Amber Heard popped by to grumble through an apology over their pups-without-permits, Boo and Pistol. Their visit to Sopo Magy Court probably wasn’t as glamourous or welcoming as their stay at Palazzo Versace or dinners at The Fish House. But hey, not every day’s a holiday, even when you are top-tier Hollywood royalty. Let’s hope our beloved divorcees know how Gold Coasters truly feel about them; they were never quarantine criminals in our eyes.

Mick Jagger 

When Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood rocked up on the Gold Coast it was all nonchalant autograph signing with ciggie hanging out the mouth. The guy happily played the role of 70-something rock legend. Front-man Mick Jagger, on the other hand, was a little cagier, sending his security entourage to investigate the likelihood of getting papp’d at restaurants days before making a booking. Staying at The Sheraton Grand Mirage in Main Beach, there was one night in which Jagger diced across to Marina Mirage for duck ragout and a few Mestina Italian beers at Fellini. Not that we were paying much attention…

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Shaking off all reputations of greed and glamour, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt camped out in Coomera during their 2013 stint on the Gold Coast and were spotted partaking in some fairly average Joe Blow activities. Christmas shopping at Robina Town Centre was the first big shock (pre-renovation, how embarrassing!), with the famous couple and their tribe of kids even making a special request to visit Target after hours, spending nearly two hours perusing the store in private. Seems not even celebs can resist a $3 value pack of tea-light candles. Next on the surprise list was their choice of watercraft to jet them around the Gold Coast waterways for a day of sunshine. Not interested in the fleet of super yachts available at Marina Mirage, they jumped aboard a pokey little ‘barbie barge’ pontoon—the humble Toyota Yaris of the ocean—and bobbed about like Rex Hunt. Ultimate low-key family goals…if only they didn’t split.   

Snoop Dog 

Most of what could be said about Snopp Dog’s appearance on the Gold Coast can be summed up in this YouTube clip featuring the dog himself sitting on a red and gold thrown at none other than City Beach Pacific Fair. Yes, in case you missed it or forgot, Snoop went to Paccas. And took 180-kilograms of bodyguard with him. Post P-Fair he went to Summafieldayze where he gave an unforgettable performance to a crown of blazed up fans, some of which accidently set fire to a nearby forest. A few years before his Gold Coast visit, Australia’s immigration minister had said that The Dog “wasn’t the sort of bloke we want in this country.” The masses of screaming fans who spotted him at CultureKingz in Southport suggested otherwise. 

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Image Credit: Twitter 

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