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Meet The Coast’s Savviest New Way To Make Friends

By Brooke Darling
8th Aug 2017

Meets and Eats Gold Coast

Adulting is tough work. And one of the hardest things about getting older? Making new friends—especially for those who may’ve moved to the Coast post-school or uni days.

Perhaps you’re single, hovering around 30 and gave up on Tinder yonks ago. Well, there’s still hope. 

Enter Meets + Eats. This intriguing new local business has been popping up in our feed since we gave them a follow a few months back. So new in fact, they haven’t officially launched yet, though the courageous concept is something we’d love to see the Gold Coast throw their support behind. 

Meets + Eats, the Coast’s newest progressive dining experience, has one key purpose—to connect new friends. How? By providing an opportunity to expand your social circle as you bond over a mutual appreciation for food and eating out.

[Editor update: Tickets are now on sale, launching in Nobby Beach late September and Palm Beach early October]

And while it’s a platform that’ll hopefully bring Gold Coasters looking for love together in a fun and relaxed setting, it’s not just designed for those who are single and ready to mingle. 

To sign up, your primary task is to gather a small collection of your own friends first, two guys and two girls (singles, couples, wingmen, whatevs). Having the comfort of old friends in your company also means the night won’t be as scary as a solo blind match up or speed dating. Your group will be paired with four other Gold Coasters who are just as eager to break the ice and connect with new peeps.

Once you take the plunge and register, the hard work is done. From there, your night with Meets + Eats includes three courses at three different restaurants within walking distance, where you’ll be paired up with a new group of four—alternating your dining partners with each course/location. Given things go well, you’ve got the opportunity to make 12-plus new-to-you friends over dinner and, at the end of the evening, you’ll all rendezvous together at a fourth destination for a night cap or three. Whatever happens from there is up to you. 

Intrigued? You should be! We’re giving you a gentle nudge to share this around with friends (loved up or single) who you think could benefit from a few extra good people in their life. 

If that’s not enough, you can get the warm and fuzzies knowing $5 from every ticket sold will go to Gold Coast charity OzHarvest, to ensure other locals in need are getting a hearty meal in return. 

The Details

What: Eats & Meets progressive dinners
When: Ongoing dates, launching in Nobby Beach late September and Palm Beach early October
How To Book: Register via the website for costs and details 

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Image credit: The Urban List

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