33 Things To Do On The Gold Coast When You’re Flying Solo

By Danielle Read
18th Jun 2017

things to do on the gold coast

If you’ve ever hung out with yourself on the Gold Coast, you’ll know this can either be ridiculously liberating, exciting and full of action or verging on sad, boring and a little bit scary. But before you start rage quitting on your self-lovin’, hear us out.

We get that different industries have all kinds of timetables, leaving some of us flying solo on our ‘weekends’. If you’re part of the hospo crew, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Tuesday and Wednesday weekend anyone? Sure the lines for everything are shorter and there’s less people heading out for a burrito, but what are you going to do while all of your homies are busy with the nine to five grind?  

Of course, your weekend on the Gold Coast without the comrades can still be the best time ever. Duh! So, buckle up and beat your Netflix and Chill solo sessions with these one-man hangouts.

  1. Head to Whisky Wednesdays at The Cambus Wallace and play the part of the mysterious love boat at the bar.
  2. Join a Gold Coast Meetup. Perhaps the fit, fast and furious hiking group, midweek paddling enthusiasts or live music lovers.
  3. Walk from Burleigh Hill to Tallebudgera and take a bunch of photos of you chillin’ with a lazy lizard or three.
  4. Go to an open house on Hedges Avenue, have a thorough look around and then walk out shaking your head, muttering “simply too small.”
  5. Buy a Keno ticket and ponder whether you’re going to tell any one when you win millions.
  6. Make a really good sandwich. Go on, get adventurous. 
  7. Take yourself down memory lane and cook up all the weird and wonderful creations you used to eat during the days of uni, back packing or saving for a new surfboard.
  8. Be a local tourist and take part in a Gold Coast Food And Wine Tour.
  9. Pull up a stool at Black Hops Brewery and order a tasting paddle or three. Mid week day drinking? These guys won't judge.
  10. Walk to the nearest headland and watch the sunrise over the ocean.
  11. Chop a new ‘do at Rinsd and swish your locks all the way to a selfie sesh on the Palm Beach foreshore.
  12. Write a song with your cat (cue the meow solo).
  13. Meal prep your Oreos and Mi Goreng lunch meal combo, because you’re an adult and you know it.
  14. Get amongst the intriguing magic of Sofar Sounds and feel arty af.
  15. Drink half a bottle of wine and then call your old boss for a reference draw a self-portrait.
  16. Pamper yourself at The Bath House and sweat out last night’s one-man gin sesh without caring who’s watching.
  17. Take a dip in one of our incredible beaches. Here are some of our faves. Have you visited them all?
  18. Start a Gold Coast food crawl at Mermaid’s Board Culture Espresso for your morning caffeine fix. Then meander to Alfred’s Diner and use your house deposit fund to grab a smashed avo on sourdough. Move onto Burleigh’s Joy Beans for a sneaky raw dessert and then Social Brew for another cuppa and a famously delish salad of the day. If you’re still alive, pop into Lester & Earl for wings and a craft beer before winding up the tour at good ol’ Eddie’s Grub House and chow down on rock music and epic burgers. Then cleanse your palette by heading to Bin 72 and swill an evening cocktail! Think how many new friends you’ll make along the way.
  19. Get a family pack at Doughnut Time and eat it by the sea.
  20. Head to karaoke midweek and skip the wait time. Plus, unapologetically belt out your go-to karaoke tunes (and the ones you don’t want your friends knowing about) while making best friends with your fellow rock stars.
  21. Learn an instrument. Yes, a cowbell is an instrument. And yes, every song needs more of it.
  22. Drool over your double scoop of locally-sourced fruit sorbet or decadent chocolatey creations from Heven-yah Gelato and people watch from the window.
  23. Smile at all the pups at Chevron Island’s dog park and speak to each pooch like you’re long lost mates, “hey buddy, how have you been?” Without looking their owners in the face once.  
  24. Visit the ‘rents. You know they’ll love you for it.
  25. Liberate yourself and go out for a fine dining Japanese experience at Kiyomi with your lifelong BFF (you!).
  26. Listen to 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself and get inspired.
  27. Book in for a workshop at The Craft Parlour or Warehouse No. 5 and channel your inner Art Attack.
  28. PAC Fair booze ‘n’ buy. ‘Nuf said.
  29. Hang out with the tradies at Shark Bar in Miami.
  30. Take a scenic drive to Tamborine Mountain and lap up that fresh hinterland air. 
  31. Taste your way through Miami Marketta’s street food Wednesday Tapas fest between 5pm and 9pm ft. tunes and the occasional pop-up art exhibition.
  32. Makeover your house with a trip to Ikea. Or perhaps the goodies at any of these Gold Coast vintage stores… 
  33. Play imaginary basketball down Cavill Avenue and see who’s up for a game.

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Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List

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