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Three’s A Trend | Zero Waste Beauty Buys

By Jessica Pridmore
23rd Jan 2019


It’s not news to us that the beauty industry has been lagging in actioning the drastic change in consumer attitudes to single use plastics. But with the conversation surrounding zero waste alternatives reaching fever pitch, the conscious collective focus is now on the fashion and beauty industries to follow suit and make sweeping reforms to the way they produce and sell their products.

Thanks to clued-up consumers seeking out brands that offer a more holistic and ethical shopping experience, mindful consumption has gone mainstream—and it’s only set to continue. Where once zero waste was considered expensive and niche, beauty brands are now (slowly) beginning to offer genuine sustainable offerings.

Here are three beauty brands absolutely nailing the zero-waste movement.

Kjaer Weis 


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Luxury beauty and sustainable products are usually two very different sides of the same coin, but cult brand Kjaer Weis has created a line that harmoniously integrates both. The packaging is chic as hell (the label is currently stocked on Net-A-Porter), made of hard-wearing embossed metal ensuring they are never bound for single use, while the products themselves are in every A-List makeup artist’s kit. Their compacts are designed so that every product—including eyeliners and mascara—can be bought as refills.

Lush Naked Shower Gel


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Lush is no newbie to the zero-waste movement, already carrying a huge line of 100% packaging-free products. Their latest release, Naked Shower Gels, capture those heavenly scented suds but scrap the bottle entirely (including those sneaky plastic pumps), and come in some of their best-selling scents.

Zero Waste Beauty Australia


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This impressive small batch beauty line isn’t just for show, Zero Waste Beauty Australia makes beautiful and hardworking products—all while being serious about lessening our individual impact on this earth. Made entirely by hand from locally sourced ingredients in northern NSW, all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free, and sold in recyclable glass jars with recycled plastic lids and biodegradable labels. They even run a recycling program via their stockists, actively encouraging clients to recycle or reuse.

Australia's first ever dedicated gut health bar has just opened.

Image credit: Victor Garcia

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