By Phil Swan
1st Aug 2018


Urban List is the home of urban culture for youth.

We’re looking to celebrate urban creators—the dreamers, seekers and believers who are connecting to and through urban culture across style, design, art, music and experiences.

What is urban culture?

Urban culture shapes urban lives through shared norms, values and interests.

Urban culture influences how we live, our identities, and how we express ourselves to the world.

Urban culture is influenced by you, just as you are influenced by urban culture.

Urban culture is: style, design, art, music, film, career, travel, self-expression, individualism and confidence.

This is our callout to all urban creators: musicians, photographers, artists, dancers, models and explorers.

If you’re connecting and creating in your city, come and own your place in urban culture.

Use the hashtag #urbancultureis on instagram to contribute and to be featured on @urbanlist.

Welcome to: Urban List from Urban List on Vimeo.

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