6 Of Our Fave Perth Winter Wellness Treatments

By Tessa Gallagher
18th May 2016

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Dark mornings? Check! Freezing walks to the bus stop? Check! Wearing as many layers as you can physically fit onto your body and still move? Check! Winter is nearly upon us and if you’ve ever stood shivering at the bust stop first thing in the morning, you’ll know that your body really isn’t too fond of the cold—your muscles don’t relax, your circulation suffers and you generally feel like hibernating.

To help get you through the colder months—and because you’re probably in need of a bit of ‘treat yo self’ action—we’ve rounded up six of Perth’s best winter wellness treatments that you absolutely need to check out this oh-so-cold season.

Infra-Red Sauna | Bodhi J Health And Beauty Spa

Everything Bodhi J does is amazing and their infra-red sauna offering is no exception. When the chilled to the bone feeling sets in and doesn’t want to budge, this treatment will save the day. Using naturally occurring infra-red rays to effectively detoxify the body of accumulated toxins and heavy metals, this treatment can help with cellulite and skin tone, as well as relaxing the body and mind. Plus, it’s sooooo warm and the heat envelops you gently, not like traditional saunas where you almost can’t breathe! One of the best treatments in Perth to help combat those cold weather blues.

Hot Stone Massage | Limon Health And Beauty Spa

One of our favourite little day spas in Perth, the hot stone massage at Limon is the perfect treatment to banish those winter woes. Deeply grounding and relaxing, the massage uses a combination of heat and pressure to release muscle tension and de-stress. Carefully selected stones are then placed on the body for deeper heat infusion and relaxation. It is basically 90 minutes of pure heaven and you will walk out warmed to the core, relaxed and ready to face the winter world like a boss.

Luxe Shirodhara Warmed Oil Treatment | Luxe Spa On Kensington

Available as a 60, 80 or 110 minute session, the luxe shirodhara warmed oil treatment at Luxe Spa On Kensington starts with a warm foot wash to heat up your cold tootsies! A back, neck and shoulder massage then follows before you’re wrapped up in hot towels and given a soothing foot massage. To finish on a high, the spa’s special blend of oils is slowly poured onto your forehead and through into your hair for a relaxing head massage. Bliss!

Nourish & Nurture Package | Onyesha Spa Pinelake

At just under $300, this package isn’t exactly cheap …but…you’ll be pampered from head to toe for just under three hours which makes it good value in our books. Designed to detox and nourish your skin after the harsh glare of summer, the nourish & nurture package at Onyesha includes an infra-red sauna, dry body brushing, a full body massage, hydrating facial, hydrating decolletage treatment, hand pampering treatment and a herbal tea to finish. Winter wellness done right. Where do we sign up?

Indian Head Massage | COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

An amazing treatment for relieving stress-induced tension in the head (the cold weather can be stressful right?!), if this hour-long head massage doesn’t make you drool with pleasure, I don’t know what will. You also get a neck and shoulder massage and a gentle facial Marma Point massage included in this treatment. Add the signature COMO Shambhala massage into the mix and you’ll be feeling relaxed for days.

Floating | Beyond Rest

What if I told you floating in a warm bath could be one of the best things you could do for your body? At Beyond Rest, a one-hour float in an Epsom salt-loaded tank can help reduce stress, pain and anxiety, increase your metabolism and circulation and can help you sleep better. Plus, it feels just like a bath and what’s better than a warm bath in winter?

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Image credit: Limon Health And Beauty Spa

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