PSA Dogs Of Perth: You Can Get Some Beer At Furbaby Now

By Tina Varghese
13th Dec 2017

There's A Sunday Sesh You Can Bring Your Dog To In Perth This Weekend

We know it’s not an easy task being the cute fur-ball that you are, especially when you’re the apple of your human’s eye. To give you a break from all the ruff days where the cat steals your toys, or the mailman gets away scot-free, we’re giving you the chance to unwind and ~unleash~ just like we do!

One of your favourite spots in the city, Furbaby, has a launched a (vet-endorsed) dog beer to help you beat the heat. In the past, you’ve probably tried and failed at getting your human to share their beer, but now you can get your very own brew and have your pooch-squad chug along with you! The Furbaby Dog Beer is made from fresh human grade ingredients; chicken stock and molasses then infused with the rich goodness of turmeric and shark cartilage, which isn’t only delicious but healthy as well!

Your parents can join the party with BYO alcohol and a lip-smacking new menu including chicken wings and Canadian waffles!

Since Furbaby has also taken the time out to install UV-prohibiting blinds to keep the blazing summer sun away from your happy hour, we’re certain that this would be one of the best (and coolest) places to hang out with your human this week! 

See-ya later cat.

Click here for more details and click here for more dog-friendly bars in Perth.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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