Perth’s Best Health Food Stores

By Lisa O'Neill
30th Jan 2016

Dunn & Walton | Image Credit: Louise Coghill

If there’s one thing that makes me giddy, it’s the thought of whiling away an hour or two perusing the aisles of either a good book shop or a health food store. What greater guilt-free pleasures are there in life than reading juicy novels and consuming healthy delicacies? Speaking of the latter, Perth has some dang fine spots to purchase all your health-loving heart could desire. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be lost in one of these beauties.

Here's some of Perth's Best Health Food Stores.

Nature’s Harvest


Once upon a time when I was a wee schoolgirl, we’d often make a pit stop at Nature's Harvest for veggie pie when a healthy, takeaway dinner was needed. They still have the very same pie on the menu, as the health food store has lasted the test of time (let’s not get into details as to how much time, mm-kay?) with their outstanding range of health products, which is constantly evolving. If you’re a nut butter aficionado like myself, you’ll dig their range (big high fives for stocking local gem, Health Nut Foods). Give yourself at least an hour at this one to wander the treasure trove aisles and celebrate your spoils with an iced turmeric latte from the small cafe space upfront.

Dunn & Walton


Formerly called Absolutely Organic WA, Dunn & Walton have moved from Gwelup to Doubleview and established themselves as a health food epicenter, churning out food and coffee alongside their fabulous range of certified organic dry goods. We particularly love the range of baby products that allows you to feed, bathe and clothe bub in all organic goodness (King Raja Organics’ clothing is cuteness overload). A nod of everlasting gratitude to D&W for introducing us to the sustainable and organic Big Tree Farms’ snacking world of wonder… mid-afternoon chocolate cravings got a whole lot healthier with their cashew cacao clusters. If you like a glass of milk with your chocolate, Dunn & Walton make their own almond and cashew milks, too (and there’s a salted caramel version… oh, my heart). Is it 3pm yet? Eh, it’s 3pm somewhere.

Manna Wholefoods

South Fremantle

We’ve all thought it, so I’m just gonna say it. Fremantle is THE number one spot in WA to be a health food devotee and Manna is the organic cherry on top of the whole food cake. The tubs and jars of self-serve spices, herbs, gluten-free grains, nuts and dried fruits gets my baking brain surging into overdrive while my eyes are bamboozled by the wide range of organic beauty products (flower-based Zuii for the win). There’s also freshly ground peanut butter and roasted almond butter so BYO jar and fill her up. Another one with an ace cafe attached, so fuel up after your shop with a mouth-watering meal or nibble from a selection that caters to virtually any dietary requirement.

The Little Big Store

Wanneroo Markets

This gorgeous little store is gaining momentum with passionate people at the helm wanting to spread the organic message, which means all the goodies we health foodies want plus a rarely seen affordable price tag. The Little Big Store is a hybrid local organic fruit and veg store (mostly sourced from a biodynamic farm in Muchea) cum health food store with over 70 tubs of weigh and pay dry goods. Eventually owner Julia would like it to be a one stop shop for everything organic right down to your toilet paper and battery needs, while maintaining the low price tags attached to every product. Kombucha kids will love the varied flavours found here from Remedy and Mojo. Only open Friday to Sunday for now, so head north for a weekend jaunt.

La Vida Vegan Grocery


Wedged between Sugar Plum Sweets and everybody’s fave hang out, Squash World, La Vida is Perth’s first 100% vegan health food store and she’s pretty darn cute. It’s a small store packed to the gills with vegan goodies (even your pup gets a look in with Harley & Co and BioPet vegan dog food), which owner Natalie Guy has sourced both locally and globally. They had me at the wall of vegan chocolate that greets shoppers but those on the savoury side of the fence will be cheering too with the plentiful options of vegan meats and cheeses. Summer barbecues just got a whole lot more exciting for the vegan babes.

The Organic Circle


Who else has the Pioneer World in Armadale as a super fun primary school excursion memory? Unfortunately it’s now closed, but the quaint buildings remain and the offer of an adult excursion exists in the form of The Organic Circle. The set up is half organic cafe (with plenty of gluten-free, paleo and vegan options), half health food store so grab a meal before or after your shop. The shelves are lined with gems such as local business Aromabals wash rocks (herbal clay soaps with no nasties) to all the organic food, drink and beauty products you could wish for. 

Organic on Charles

North Perth

Just walking into this store makes you feel healthier. Brimming with organic food and fresh produce, and a decent loose herb and tea selection, the store’s soundtrack is the whirring of the juice and smoothie bar cranking out delicious blends. Run by a brother and sister team that are passionate about all things organic, Organic on Charles is a must visit to stock your fridge and pantry.

Loose Produce


This little gold mine off Canning Highway on Hobbs Avenue is a winning combo of gourmet health food products and as the name suggests, plenty of bulk bins to scoop loose goods to your heart’s content. They’ve set up an entire aisle for our gluten-free peeps to go wild and the large range of Loving Earth and Alter Eco chocolates has me drooling every time (somebody stop me). The Loose Produce team also runs a yoga studio right next door so you can start your day right with oms before noms.

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