20 Totally Sydney Things That Happened In 2017

By Ange Law
20th Dec 2017

avocado pop up sydney

Sydney was so Sydney in 2016. Here's a list of things to look back on that’ll make you say, “Naww, Syds, you do you; we love it”.

  1. All you can eat anything got your attention. But especially sushi
  2. And all you can eat dumplings continued to be a solid life plan. 
  3. We all went deep on who actually peed in Jarrod’s love fern on The Bachelorette.
  4. Sydney scored an entire cafe dedicated to avocado, because Sydney.
  5. Unicorn toasties. We know. 
  6. Y’all ate your weight in Nutella doughnut ice cream cones
  7. And lost your collective minds over halloumi fries.
  8. But you really just wanted to rosé all day. 
  9. A Spice Girls’ sing-a-long gave us life.
  10. And raclette was the key to living your best life. 
  11. These Sydney-only pick up lines upped your chat game significantly.   
  12. We learned that a shared hatred for coriander runs deep. 
  13. Cheap AF pub meals continued to be the only mid-week dinner option.
  14. It was proven once and for all that we’re just a bunch of giant kids. And our food (and life) choices need to reflect that. 
  15. Deep dish Chicago pizza arrived in Sydney. 
  16. You decided movies + hot tub + rooftop = goals.
  17. Getting drunk in an igloo topped your list of priorities.
  18. Bubble tents became the only way to ‘do’ camping. 
  19. Poké bowls came to Sydney and saved you from your daily sad desk lunches. 
  20. But most importantly. We said a big, fat yes to love.

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Image credit: Good Fat Cafe

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