Get Set To Zip Around For Less, DiDi Rideshare Is About To Land In Sydney

By Sammy Preston
18th Feb 2020

didi rideshare sydney

If there’s one thing that makes life in Sydney ever so slightly frustrating—it’s the damn traffic. Sadly, the light rail and out-of-this-world WestConnex construction have made this commuter gripe even more of a headache, and if you are Uber-ing anywhere, your fares have no doubt been on the rise too. 

Here to save the day is DiDi—the biggest player in the rideshare world—promising us traffic-worn Sydney siders its fares will be up to10% cheaper than Uber and Ola. 

DiDi will hit Sydney on March 16, and to celebrate launching in Australia’s biggest (and arguably best) city, riders who sign up ahead of the launch date will cop 50 percent off all rides for a month. And if you refer a mate, you and your mate will score a $20 in vouchers.   

DiDi has been cruising around Australia since 2018, ferrying people around Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

It’s basically the same as Uber (and we’ll probably call the cars “Ubers”, let’s be honest), but there are a few key differences. The charge per minute, charge per kilometre and cancellation fee are all a bit cheaper than other rideshare brands (about 10% on average). Instead of heaps of car variations, DiDi has just three riding options to choose from, “Express”, a carpooling offering “Share”, and its 7-seater “Max” service.

If you want to do the ferrying, DiDi has a tiered service-fee structure for drivers. Instead of a flat fee, DiDi uses a performance-based system where DiDi DiDi takes on average just 12% in service fees. This has been met with some criticism as there are some hoops to jump through to score the top tier fee. 

“The trust our users have shown us is truly humbling and inspiring," Mr. Lyn Ma, DiDi Australia General Manager said. "We are eager to work alongside local stakeholders in the Sydney transportation industry, along with using leading AI technologies and local operational expertise, to innovate and build a better, trusted product with the aim to be Sydney’s preferred ridesharing platform.”

Does this spell the end of Uber's extra-controversial reign on rideshare in Sydney? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, skip the traffic jams and suss out Swimply, Sydney's new Airbnb-style platform for swimming pools

Image credit: DiDi Australia

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