Sydney’s First Driverless Bus (And The Future) Is Here

By Mathew Trenear
20th Mar 2018


You know how in Back to the Future the car was meant to arrive in 2015? Well, we may not have floating hover boards and miniature-sized food that grows when it cooks, but now we are pretty darn close. Sydney is getting its very first driverless bus and we can’t freakin’ believe it.

The vehicle will carry 11 lucky passengers at a time at a speed of 45km per hour and it’ll be able to sense traffic lights and other cars on the road to boot. This is seriously big news guys. Some people in the know with the autonomous vehicle industry are even saying that these cars and buses might be up for commercial sale within the next decade—we can’t even either.

The bus will be on trial for the next two years at Sydney Olympic Park, then it’ll eventually operate between the Liverpool CBD and newly constructed Badgerys Creek Airport. If all goes well, we may just be looking at the way of the future, fingers crossed anyway.

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Image Credit: Supplied

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