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Fried Chicken Ramen Is Now A Glorious Reality

By Simone Jovel - 21 Jun 2017


Sometimes great things really do happen to good people—this is one of those times. By people we obviously mean you guys, and by great things we’re talking about the culinary genius that combines our two favourite things—fried chicken + ramen—to bring us, Butter’s Ramen with Fried Chicken. 

In what is quite possibly (read: is) the best news we’ve heard all week, the legends over at Butter are upping their fried chicken game and just quietly, our bellies have gone into a frenzy over the whole thing.

Think Tonkotsu-style deliciousness, with a dashi and chicken broth, dished up with not one, but two fried chicken tenders (drool), thin noodles, an ajitsuke tamago (that’s a marinated, soft boiled egg in case you were wondering), and enoki mushrooms. 

You can wrap your laughing gear around Butter’s Ramen with Fried Chicken Monday – Thursday, between 11am – 3:30pm #getonit.

Prefer to just eat your weight in fried chicken? Read this.

Image credit: Butter

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