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FYI Sydney’s About To Cop A Monster 5-Day Heatwave

By Ange Law
18th Jan 2018


Take a seat, fan yourselves down and settle in with a cold drink team. A five-day heatwave is about to hit Sydney and if you think you’re hot today, you’re about to become A LOT more shweaty. Take another sip of the ice-cold water (or, you know, beer) because it’s all about to get a teeny bit worse. 

According to the psychic weather people at the BOM (that’s the Bureau of Meteorology to those firmly not in the know) it’s going to get so damn hot that the good people of Penrith will be schvitzing their way through five days of 40-degree heat. We’re talking about a peak temp of 43 for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT

Now, onto the solution portion of this conversation. It’s definitely time to start playing nice with anyone who has a pool, air conditioning or a giant freezer filled with ice blocks. You got this team—see you on the other side and as always, please look after the more vulnerable people in your community. Seriously. 

Remember that monster super cell storm that happened last week? 

Image credit: Adam Krowitz

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