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Jacksons On George Is Having A HUGE Makeover

By Ange Law
23rd Jan 2018


It’s time to say CYA to Jacksons on George and those hazy memories. Your old haunt is about to be replaced with a three-story pub and rooftop bar that looks pretty damn sweet. 

We’ll be honest though team, while our adult selves are pretty damn happy about the three-storey bar that’s set to take its place, our inner 18-year-old is already mourning the loss of a damn institution. 

Seriously, if you haven’t started a night-long pub crawl from this place once or twice (okay, it’s an annual tradition) can you even call yourself a true Sydney local? 

Now onto the specifics. After closing quietly on Sunday, we now know the Jacksons site has been bought by commercial developers, Lendlease, and just you wait until you hear what they have planned for this spot. The current building will be demolished to make way for their gastropub beauty, designed by local architecture firm Stewart Hollensteid.

The new pub will also have an epic rooftop bar sitting pretty above the pub because if there’s one thing we all know about Sydney siders, it’s that we love a rooftop bar. The development is planned to wrap up in 2021, and is part of a larger development in the area that will include a 55-storey tower featuring retail, office spaces and dining. 

This is yet another feather in George Street’s cap and we just can’t wait to check it out (you know, in 2021). 

And we can't forget about this big redevelopment either. 

Image credit: Lendlease

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