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Meat Pie Burgers Just Landed In Sydney

By James Shackell
27th Feb 2018

Is it just us, or does this make a surprising amount of sense? Just look at it! Don’t pretend you’re not curious.

Yep, Sydney just might be the most liveable city if this latest piece of food news is anything to go by. The legends behind ORIGINALS Burger Co. have put their heads together and cross-bred a meat pie with a burger to celebrate all of the footy codes making a return to the pitch in 2018. The result? Pie Guts: a steak and mushroom pie base topped with an Originals beef patties, hi melt cheese, bacon, OG sauce, tomato sauce, fired onions, and liquid cheese topped with a milk bun. Basically it’s a walking heart attack and we’re not sure how we feel.

Things we appreciate about this burger, er, pie...thing. First, the addition of bacon, the cornerstone of any good burger. Second, the sheer audacity. Iconoclasts come in many forms, and sometimes that includes the form of a meat pie.

You can grab the Pie Guts at Originals Burger Co. in Brookevale as of 1 March. 

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Image credit: Originals Burger Co.

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