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People Are Leaving Books On Trains So You Can Score A Free Read

By Mathew Trenear - 13 Feb 2018

Books You Should Be Reading

We know you probably weren’t that worried about not having any V day plans this year. But we’ve been let in on a little secret waiting for you on Sydney’s trains this Wednesday, that may (just) brighten up your day.

To add a spark (geddit?) to your commute home, Penguin Random House will be scattering bundles of books across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane’s rail systems this Wednesday AKA International Singles Awareness Day.

The idea is that these books will break down any preconceived ideas you might have when it comes to genres, authors and that old chestnut of judging a book by its cover. You won’t know when or where the books will show up, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading the best sci-fi romance crime novel of your life.

This idea couldn’t have come any sooner because TBH, you can’t get stood up by a book. Okay, maybe we were a little bit worried about our lack of V day plans (maybe). 

Image credit: Unsplash

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