PSA: This Is Your New Fave Ramen Spot

By Ange Law
18th Dec 2017


Earlier this year, one of Sydney’s best ramen joints—Menya Noodle Bar—quietly opened their doors and FYI, this one is as good as the original. Everything at Ramen Goku is cheap AF. especially if you head here for their daily lunch special. So if you’re a student living local, welllll, we just found your new favourite spot. 

You can pick up a big fat bowl of steaming ramen for a cool $11.90 at lunchtime, and you better believe it’s packed full of egg noodles, broth, sliced pork (or really any meat you like), greens and a soft boiled egg. If you’d prefer to go the katsu curry route (of course you would) then please, for the love of god, order the fried chicken one. For something on the lighter side, order a bao and make it the karaage chicken one, okay.  

For ramen, don, bao and errrrything in between, you’ll want to head here STAT.

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Image credit: Matthew Hamilton

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