We’re Calling It—Quay Is Trying To Punk Us All RN

By Ange Law
14th Mar 2018

If you’re a food-loving Sydney sider, you’ve probably had a Snow Egg-filled news feed for the last 24 hours. Yep, after years of kicking arse in the dessert game, Quay and Peter Gilmore have announced that the Snow Egg will be saying CYA forever on April 1 (#RIPSnowEgg). 

Oh, you noticed the date too? We’ve decided to call it early—Quay is maybe, probably trying their luck at an April Fools long game and we are so all over this. If you also follow these guys in Insta, you’d already know that a whopping 70% of diners at Quay still order the Snow Egg, even though it’s (roughly) a million years since it made it’s debut on MasterChef. 

Let’s be real. Maybe we’re in denial. Maybe we’re totally wrong about this one and the infamous Snow Egg is actually bidding adieu to Sydney forever—yeah, we’re not buying it either. 

Here is every other dessert you need to try in Sydney.

Image credit: Nikki To

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