Here’s How You Can Own A Slice Of Surry Hills’ Newest Pizza Joint

By Sammy Preston - 14 Aug 2018

Being the deeply passionate, excitable foodies that we know we are here in Sydney, there are often times we wish we were more invested in our favourite bars and restaurants. They’re where we spend our downtime, date nights, birthdays, Friday nights and fun times—and while some of us are just not cut out for the kitchen (me, for example), it’d be pretty cool to be a fully-fledged restaurant shareholder with voting rights, dividends and free dranks, right?

Well, that is the grand idea behind Sash—Australia’s first equity crowdfunded restaurant concept. For everyone pondering equity crowdfunding, and how it’s different to Kickstarter campaigns for erotic cat calendars and crystal bacon jewellery, listen up. Equity crowdfunding is fairly new to Australia and gives you part-ownership (equity share) in the business idea, so you are considered an investor (cue those baller benefits).

Sash is slated to open in Surry Hills in October, and buy in starts at just $99. Depending on how many dollars you choose to throw in the mix, you’ll be given exclusive dining perks like dinner discounts, free cocktails and pizzas, concierge booking, and access to exclusive networking events (because investors totally network).

You'll also "receive ordinary shares in the business, which means they enjoy the same rights and benefits as all shareholders: dividends, voting rights and capital growth if the business successful,” explains Sash director Dave Nelson.

The restaurant will be Japanese-leaning, with a whole universe of quirky fusion-style food and drink to try, led by Executive Head Chef Raphael Santos (who has spent time in the kitchen at Nobu and Sake). “A friend of ours won the Global Pizza of the Year challenge in Las Vegas with a sashimi pizza recipe,” says Dave. “After trying the product we knew this could be turned into a whole category and concept.” So yep, you can expect Japanese-inspired tacos, nachos, sliders, desserts, cocktails, and more.  

Learn more about Sash, right here

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