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Thousands Of People Are Gathering In Hyde Park To Say ‘Wow’ Like Owen Wilson

By James Shackell
23rd Feb 2018


God damn we love our job sometimes.

So there’s this thing happening on the 4 March. Possibly the most Sydney thing we've heard all month; there’s no real way to describe it so we’re just going to come straight out: thousands of people are heading to Hyde Park (specifically, by the fountain) to gather and say ‘Wow!’ like Owen Wilson. That’s it. That’s exactly what’s happening.

See it turns out that Owen Wilson (of Zoolander & Wedding Crashers fame) says ‘Wow!’ in his movies...a lot. And there’s a group of people that want to celebrate that fact. If you’d like to brush up, here’s a short compilation of the many times Owen Wilson has said ‘Wow!’

Now the big question: how exactly do you ‘Wow!’ like Owen Wilson? It has to be said: this guy nails his wows. You’re gonna have to capture that sort of child-like falsetto. And there’s a slight elongation on the second W. Sometimes he kind of whispers his ‘wow’, as if he really is overcome by the sheer ‘wowness’ of the occasion. You can’t teach that kind of acting...

Anyway, this thing exists. 

The Details

Where: The Hyde Park fountain
When: Sunday 4 March, 12pm
Why: There is no why.
For more info, click here

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Image credit: Midnight In Paris 

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