Sydney, You Can Now Stuff Yourself Silly On Cheesy Lasagne Nuggets

By Ange Law - 08 Feb 2018

Unbutton those pants and settle in team. Lasagne nuggets officially exist in our fine (and now significantly more delicious) city—this is most definitely not a drill. And we’ll just back that news up with the fact that they’ll be available at Milky Lane’s second and long-awaited outpost in Cronulla. Yep, Shire peeps, you now have crazy ridic foodie creations in your hood.

They’re everything you’re picturing and twice as delicious, with literal cubes of cheese-filled lasagne battered, crumbed and deep fried to golden perfection. Oh, and the fun doesn’t stop there. These legends then throw on a slice of American-style cheese, melt that baby in the oven, then serve them up with a side of pesto mayo and napolitana sauce. Because cheese + dips = you living your best life. 

Milky Lane will officially launch on Monday 12 February (with a more chill soft opening this weekend) at 20 Gerrale Street, Cronulla. So you’ll want to clear your cal for next week and try errrything else they’re serving up. Hint: it involves dipping a cheeseburger into cheese. 

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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