This Sydney Pilates Studio Is Changing The World, One Vegemite Sambo At A Time

By Jessica Best
12th Mar 2018

We love a good Vegemite sandwich for many reasons. Firstly, it’s damn easy to make. Secondly, it can be eaten at any time of the day, and thirdly it’s the epitome of every Aussie childhood ever.

Yep, this national delicacy isn’t just a lunchbox hit. Turns out the recess snack which frequented the entirety of our primary school culinary history has huge potential in the adult world. That’s right, if you want to make a #goodsamaritan move this early in the year, we suggest you pay close attention.

Like the true blue Aussie you are, you no doubt constantly find yourself wanting to do all the good deeds but never seem to have the time or money—cue the Vegemite Sandwich Project AKA the super, duper easy way to give back and help feed Sydney’s displaced or homeless.

Basically the idea is that you and your troops (power in numbers guys) can make a bunch of salty and delicious sambos and pop by Peaches Pilates in Bondi every second Friday to deliver your Vegemite masterpieces, where they’ll then be donated to Will2Live, a non-religious charity that feeds those on the streets.

And there you have it Sydney, your #goodsamaritan act for 2018 is totally covered. You’re welcome. For more details, check out the awesome cause here.

Image credit: Kraft

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