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The Best Tofu Dishes In Sydney

By Sarah Hilton
9th Feb 2018


Everyone’s favourite little soy bundles of joy are just so good that Sydney is legit obsessed. Our fair city has gone and invent just about a tofu everything, and we mean everythingggg. From burgers to nuggets, and soups to salads, we just can’t seem to get enough of the fluffy stuff.

We’ve rounded up the best of Sydney’s tofu scene, so you can eat your way through it with stretchy pants at the ready. We present to you, the best tofu dishes in Sydney.

Agedashi Tofu

Sake, multiple locations

What’s wrong with sticking with the ol’classics? TBH, they’re a classic for a reason, so we suggest Sake’s epic agedashi tofu with shimeji mushroom, ginger and daikon sprouts makes it to the top of your new tofu list. In true Sake style, the quality and flavour is top notch, meaning you might not want to share.

Satay Tofu Burger

Soul Burger, Glebe

So, remember when we proved vegetarian food doesn’t have to suck? And by that we mean there’s some legit delish plant-based burgers out there—oh hey, Soul Burger. With a satay tofu burger finished with aioli, shredded carrot, veggie slaw, smashed avocado and tomato relish, it will make you re-think whether we even need meat anymore.


Paper Bird, Potts Point

Our old favourites at Moon Park opened up last their newest addition, Paper Bird, and you’ll want to wrap your laughing gear around this special tofu dish. They call it Sundubu, and it’s the goods wtih fresh tofu, spicy mussel broth and enoki (picture the long skinny mushrooms that taste oh-so-good). It may be a bit spicy but it’s definitely worth sweating over #sorrynotsorry.

Mapo Tofu

Mr. Wong, Bridge Lane

Picture all the trendy vibes synonymous with Mr. Wong and a tofu dish of epic proportions—now that we have your attention. ICYMI, Mr. Wong can do no wrong and their mapo is stuffed with stir fried pork mince, chilli and Sichuan pepper, then served on freshly steamed soy milk custard #yass.

Age Tofu

Yume Sushi, Drummoyne

How do noodles, tofu and some delicious broth sound? Thought so. You need look no further than Yume Sushi’s Age Tofu dish. Yume brings a Japanese soy base soup with thick wheat noodles and perfectly deep fried soft tofu that practically melts in your mouth like a damn yummy chunk of deep fried tofu should.

Rainbow Roll

Sunset Sabi, Manly

Like your mumma, this dish from Sunset Sabi is beautiful inside and out #naw. The inside is stuffed with tofu, truffle slaw, avocado, carrot and potato crunchies to give you a stupendously special sushi taste. On the outside, you can count on more flavour with pickled daikon, we know, it’s almost too much.


KingFish Poke, Bondi

If you got 99 problems and some of them include the struggle to find a good tofu dish in Sydney, then boy have we got a goodie. With their hip-hop themed menu, KingFish in Bondi shows that tofu can be cool AND tasty. Their Jay-Z poke bowl includes tamari tofu, cabbage, beetroot, mixed sprouts, green onion, pickled carrot, chilli puffed rice and black vinegar tamari dressing. If you didn’t think it could get any better, did we mention it’s dairy and gluten free? Well BAM here you go.

Tofu Nuggets

Butter, multiple locations

Praise be to the crispy deep-fried gods because our prayers have been answered—in butter form. Our new best friends at Butter have heard the call for vegetarian food that caters to all of our best (and worst) cravings, to bring fried tofu nuggets into all of our lives. Whether you’re soothing a broken heart, cheating your fitness regime or simply enjoying fried indulgence with the gals, this dish is delish.

The ASAP and RZA Burger

4 Ounces, Alexandria

The RnB themed foodie legends at 4 Ounces can make a mean burger—tofu style of course. These guys are so good they have two great burger options on offer. Try the ASAP with deep fried smoked tofu, deep fried truffle mac and cheese, Westmont pickles, American cheese, liquid cheese (yep double the cheese = double the tasty), wild mushroom duxelle, house sauce and a milk bun. Woah, that’s a big ol’burger. They’re also known for the RZA, a wonderfully vegan creation with southern fried smoked tofu, Westmont pickles, chilli and golden turmeric kraut, smoke sesame, cheese, vegan house sauce and a vegan bun. The RnB queen Bad Gal RiRi would definitely approve this one.

Tofu + Wok Veggies

Daniel San, Manly

FYI Daniel San in Manly serves up loaaads of tofu dishes, but one of the best has to be their tofu + wok veggies dish with seasonal vegetables and tofu that’s lathered in teriyaki sauce. Don’t worry, it’s GF, DF and vegetarian so you won’t need to worry later on when you’re tearing up the d-floor post those dinner cocktails—no judgment we do this every other Sunday too.

Chilled Silken Tofu

Tobikiri, Neutral Bay

Tucked away in an unconventional spot in Neutral Bay, this place is worth scouting out. With warm and homey vibes, Tobikiri provides all the goods Japanese cuisine has to offer. Oh, and the tofu? Try their chilled silken tofu with tempura scraps—it’s much better than it sounds. This dish is both soft and crunchy with fancy garnishes and all the yumminess.

Spicy Tofu and Eggplant Donburi

Kuroneko Ramen Noodle Bar, Sutherland

Shire locals fear not, we have your tofu needs covered too. Kuroneko Ramen Noddle Bar specialises in ramen but their other eats are more than satisfactory. Try their tofu donburi with eggplant cooked with spicy minced pork served on steamed rice and yummy sauce. Ramen has met its match.

Salt n Pepper Tofu

Queen Chow, Enmore

Queen Chow keeps it simple with their salt n pepper tofu that embodies what you see is what you get—and trust us this dish looks oh-so-good. Set in a restaurant focusing on Cantonese classics you can be sure that the quality is high and the tastes are legit, as you meet the culture of cool right on the doorstep of Sydney’s inner west.

Raw Rad Thai

Verd, Barangaroo

Our lovely friends at Verd always know how to provide tofu-tastic goodies. Try their raw rad thai with greens, tofu, shredded vegetables, sprouts, peanuts, coriander and mint with a zesty coconut satay dressing. BTW this is deliciousness minus the guilt—are we in heaven?

Energy Bliss Salad

Greenhouse Asian Salads, Lane Cove

Let the superfoods continue with this epic salad packed with tofu, crispy egg noodle, pomegranate, pineapple, melon, green papaya, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, white sesame and creamy coconut dressing. If clean eating is not exactly your thing, this salad tastes so good you’ll forget you’re eating greens at all.

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Image credit: 4 Ounces

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