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These Kinder Egg Baileys Shots Are Adulting Goals This Easter

By Jessica Pridmore - 16 Mar 2018


Feel as though your annual Dairy Milk hoard just isn’t doing it for you this Easter? Chin up, all you need is a little liquid courage to make the impending long weekend that little more, err, buzzing. (Chocolate. Alcohol. Put your hands together. Now there's a genius idea.)

Trust the creative team at Sydney’s famed Milky Lane to know what ails you, and so decided to take the humble choccy egg and turn it into a vehicle for whisky cream tipples. Utilising everyone’s throwback snack of their youth, they’ve simply cut the tops off a Kinder Surprise (we like to think they’ve totally built ALL the toys they had to take out), poured in a decent slosh of Baileys Irish Cream and dusted with chocolate sprinkles to serve.

So simple. So easy. Absolute genius. How has no one thought to master this before?

These egg-cellent creations are only around for the Easter long weekend at Milky Lane Bondi, Cronulla and Parramatta. Maybe we’re all heading for a not-so chilled long weekend after all… (Just make sure to put a couple of Panadol by the bedside table before bed, everyone.)

Speaking of Easter choccy, these guys have just made this total food-gasm in time for the long weekend.

Image credit: Milky Lane

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