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They’re Giving Away Nasi Lemak In Sydney Today

By Simone Jovel
20th Feb 2018

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Ah, Sydney. ICYMI It’s late February. Your trial month is over and you’re well and truly in the thick of attempting adult life and little things, like keeping yourself fed. It’s also Tuesday, you haven’t gone grocery shopping, and you more than likely haven’t meal prepped, because Sunday bevs got a little out of hand, Monday (is that even a real day?) came and went and now we are here.

Luckily for you guys Papparich Broadway and CBD are slinging free Nasi Lemaks from today (!!) until Thursday so you can make your trip to the specials’ aisle of the supermarket some other time.

It’s all happening thanks to EatClub who are giving away 800 free nasi lemaks (we know, we counted) to fill your hungry bellies. For a little bit of background, EatClub are basically the bargain food wizards of Sydney (and Melbourne, FYI) that are filling last minute spare tables at restaurants through their app, allowing you to nab a last minute, cheap deal in the process.

For a play-by-play on how to get your hungry mits on a free nasi lemak and to answer all your burning questions head here.

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Image credit: EatClub

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