How To Spend Valentine’s Day Based On Your Star Sign

By Phoebe McRae
6th Feb 2018

Ahhh Valentine’s Day: one of the most controversial days of the year. Whether you love or hate it; are very, very single or majorly loved up; there’s no way around it, and you kinda definitely need to know how you’re going to handle it.

Lucky for you, we’ve teamed up with the legends at The Star Sydney to demystify V-Day with the perfect date night idea for each sign. Just between us though, if you aren't into the whole astrology thing, just shut your eyes and opt for where ever your finger lands on this list—these spots are all seriously that good. According to the stars, this Valentine's Day will be less arguing about where to eat and more staring longingly into each other's eyes over some next-level eats. 

Tag your crush and let's do this!


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Sashimi Everything

Aries are the real deal when it comes to all things love. They're not afraid of diamonds, roses, teddy bears or chocolate but we're telling you now—sashimi is all you need. It's basically the food of love and for one night only Sokyo will be serving delectable Tasmanian lobster sashimi along with binchotan grilled pacific oysters with caviar dressing and champagne with roasted stone fruit and pomegranate. Droooool.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Home Cooked Meal

If you’re a true Taurus, you love cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Go super gourmet and treat your tastebuds to a home cooked feast to beat all home cooked feasts (microwave anything doesn’t count). Oh, and a bottle of vino = mandatory. Go on, you (and your S.O.) deserve it.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Act Like Royalty

Geminis love any reason to frock (or suit) up and Valentine’s Day is yet another reason to add to the list. Throw on your snazziest outfit, book a table at Black Bar & Grill and prepare to be showered in champagne and caviar on arrival. Dishing up a special set menu, you’ll be flooding your Insta followers’ feeds with ridiculously lush pics for a week.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Staycay

The unofficial Cancer mantra is go big or go home. On Valentine’s Day this obvs translates to staycay. Book a room at one of the best hotels in town (we’re thinking The Darling in Pyrmont) and make the most of the room service menu and big fluffy robes.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Netflix And Chill

As the oh-so fabulous Leo legend J-Lo once said ‘love don’t cost a thing’. Netflix and chill is a thing for a reason and it’s made even better when you’re not the one footing the bill. It’s probably best to treat your bae right and splurge on popcorn though. If you’re by yourself, bring on a 12-hour binge.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Romantic Stroll On The Beach (Yes, Really)

Virgos are usually all work and no play but when it comes to Valentine’s Day you’re the biggest advocates of all (weirdos). Romantic strolls on the beach are right up your alley, so you do you. We don’t judge.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: A Day At The Zoo

Let's be honest, you Libras are some of the most indecisive people in the world. You don’t realllly know what you want, but lucky for you, we do. The perfect date for you is a trip to the zoo where you can hop between different animals and keep that attention span of yours sated. Bonus tip: finish off the cutest Valentine's Day ever with dinner at Momofuku Seibo, aka, the iconic David Chang's first restaurant outside of New York City. So, perfect for wow-ing your SO. 


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Dinner With An Epic View

You Scorpios are battlers, which is exactly why you need to treat yo’selves to a 5-course feast at Balla overlooking the harbour. Stuff yourself silly with yellowfin tuna, risotto, octopus, wagyu sirloin AND bacio semifreddo (aka Tuscan chocolate and hazelnut ice-cream) then roll on home. FYI, you don’t need a plus one to do this.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Absolutely Nothing At All

Ohhhh Sagittarius. You’re probs going to want to spend the entire day pretending love doesn’t exist. We get it. Do absolutely nothing at all and enjoy every minute of it.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Novelty Pizza Party

While Capricorns are known for their self-control, it can all fall apart when it comes to pizza. Let loose at Pizzaperta and order yourself heart-shaped everything (yes, we’re talking about heart-shaped pizza, people). For only 30 bucks you can score a heart-shaped Margherita pizza, two heart-shaped Nutella bombolonis AND two glasses of bubbles. You don’t even have to share it if you don’t want to.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Picnic With Your Whole Squad

You kinda hate Valentine’s Day but you kinda still want to do something for it. Are we right, Aquarians? Round up your whole squad and set up an OTT picnic overlooking the water. Friendship is love. We don’t care how lame that sounds.


Best Valentine’s Day Idea: Luxe Pamper Sesh

Obvs we’re going to recommend a luxe pamper sesh for the dreamers. There’s nothing you gentle souls love more than sleeping, and an ultra-relaxing couple’s massage (with a full body exfoliation!) at The Darling Spa is the next best thing. Bring your best mate if you don’t have a date, duh.

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