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We Just Found Sydney’s Most Expensive Margarita

By Ange Law
7th Feb 2018

Calling all budget ballers, it’s time to break the bank and we promise it’ll be worth it. We just found Sydney’s most expensive margarita and we know you’re just extra enough to order a round for your mates. 

Named the Patrón Millionaire Margarita, this beauty will set you back a chill $100 and like we said, you’re just extra enough to care. 

Available exclusively at Neil Perry’s brand new tequila bar, aptly named Bar Patrón, this 90-seat Mexican restaurant will be selling a whole lot more than margaritas. Expect all of your old faithfuls like seared tuna tostadas, enchiladas and mole chicken, plus Mexican-style sandwiches (because ‘Straya). 

Now, back to that margarita. It’ll be served up table-side in a glass, with a sugar and salt dusted rim, filled with a Platinum Patrón marg and fresh-squeezed lime juice.

But before you run out of the house with your life savings in tow, this one isn’t opening until 8 March (let’s just call it bonus saving time) and we’ll meet you at the bar. 

These are the other delish margaritas in Sydney, FYI.

Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White

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