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Where To Find The Best Pickles In Sydney

By Sophia Richardson
13th Mar 2018

The fluoro green Maccas pickles (delicious as they are) tend to give pickles a bad rep. This is all about to change because we’ve located Sydney’s best pickles for you to up your pickle game. We’ll forgive you for changing your plans in order to wrap your laughing gear around Sydney’s best pickles, because pickles are delicious, anyone who says otherwise (probably) shouldn’t be trusted.

Here is where you’ll find the very best pickles in Sydney.


Marrickville & Annandale

If you know pickles, you know Cornersmith. With two cafes and a picklery (yes, this exists), the folks at Cornersmith know their stuff and pretty much made pickles cool. In this pickle palace, you can get your fix at both breakfast and lunch, but also take the fun home with you, complete with pickled cabbage, pickled carrot and a whole lot of gherkins. Hot tip: if you see their pickled grapes, you legit have to give it a try.



In need of some seriously delicious cheese board additions? Hit up Wieczorkowski in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. This Polish café and store is a pickle lover’s dream, with pickled chilli cucumber, pickled zucchini salad, sauerkraut with mushrooms and preserved pears up for grabs. And while you’re there, you’ll probably need to try the Polish sauerkraut dumplings, pierogis (just for good measure).  


Elizabeth Bay

If their name is anything to go by, it’s a given that Pickled Espresso is your next go-to pickle joint. The double cheese toasty is really what you want, with gruyere, pecorino, house pickled onion and pickled chilli, or maybe the Rueben is more your jam with pastrami, gruyere, house made sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Either way, the house-made pickles here are so delicious, your breakfast may very well turn into a loooong lunch *orders 3 more toasties*.



Next time you want to stuff yourself silly with the addition of pickles of course, Cairo on Enmore road can take good care of you. The Egyptian restaurant serves up charcoal lamb kofta pockets and a mixed vego plate that’s off the chain, both served with their crunchy, vinegary, pickled delights.

Two Chaps


Inside Two Chaps, you’ll see jars and jars of the good stuff (aka le pickles). For breakfast, the boiled eggs and soldiers with pistachio dukkah, sheep’s milk curd and pickled radish are the best way to get your pickle fix in the morning. And TBH, the jars of preserved peaches, pickled corn and fennel pickle would totally make the perfect presents for friends and family (or just you and your belly).



Thievery is among one of the many Lebanese restaurants that dishes out damn delicious, Lebanese pickles—you the know the kind. The crunchy, vinegary snack goes all too well with Thievery’s Lebanese dumplings, honey haloumi and falafel salad. Do yourself a favour and order mum’s pickles at Thievery next time you’re there.

Butcher and The Farmer

Harold Park

Head on down to Tramsheds for a little pickle-me-up (see what we did there?) at Butcher and The Farmer. Their mixed pickles are made in-house and served with slow warmed olives and chilli flakes so it’s a giant YAS from us. They stock the legendary Wesmont Pickles, so you’ll want to score yourself a jar of the good stuff to-go and continue this pickle party back at your place. 

Cornersmith | Image credit: Claudia Schmueli 

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