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You Need To Adopt This Cutie Right Bloody Now

By Ange Law
28th Feb 2018

rspca dog sydney

ICYMI, the RSPCA had their adoption drive over the weekend and that meant many lucky humans were adopting cute animals left right and centre… for a measly 29 bucks. One thing you may not know though, is that only one good boy was left hanging in Canberra and it is obviously our duty to rectify that, well, yesterday. That’s where Cooper comes in.

Cooper has been described as a young, boisterous and enthusiastic, medium-sized Australian Bulldog slash Boxer. What they haven’t mentioned is that his snaggly little under bite melts our freaking hearts, he’s two-years-old and is currently working on building up his basic manners (aren’t we all Coops, aren’t we all). 

If you want to make Cooper your new bezzie and welcome him into your family with all of the hugs, head here

Just want to eat your way around Surry Hills, read this

Image credit: RSPCA

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