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Where To Go On A Tinder Date in Brisbane

By Joanna Fraser
30th Jun 2015

Maker | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

So you’ve met someone on Tinder who doesn’t have a Southern Cross tattoo, hasn’t obviously cropped themselves out of a wedding photo, and dosn’t talk lik dis. Congratulations my right-swiping friend, you have succeeded where even the best of us have failed!

Maybe you even like this person enough, or are experiencing oh-god-not-another-night-of-Netflix panic, that you ask them to have a casual beer or coffee with you. After all, that friend of your college roommate’s cousin is dating a guy that she met on Tinder so if it worked out for her then it is certainly going to work out for you. 

Now we don’t mean to add any extra stress to your little Internet dating venture, but it has to be said that location is everything when it comes to a successful Tinder date. Yelling over loud music, being wedged in next to a sticky child, or hustling at an overcrowded bar doesn't make for a good first date. 

So, whether you’re heading out for a cup of coffee together, or settling down in a quirky bar with a beer or three, here are ten of Brisbane’s best fail-proof Tinder date locations. 


South Brisbane 

This sexy little bar will earn you major props with your Tinder-bae for its moody interior and perfectly curated drinks menu. Situated down South Brisbane’s Fish Lane, Maker is the bar that you take that bearded boy or cooler-than-you girl that you are trying to impress. Small talk about the weather won’t cut it at Maker, so for goodness’ sake go read something that isn’t your Facebook feed for once so that you have something intelligent to talk about. 

King Arthur

New Farm

Bringing the cute-factor with its sun drenched second floor, and serving up some seriously delicious pastries, little James St café, King Arthur is perfect for that morning coffee date. If you’re looking at taking some of the shadiness out of Tinder dating, this light and airy cafe will do that for you. Piping through a playlist that will lend a hand to even the driest of conversations, just expect your date to fall madly in love with you.


Brisbane CBD

Strauss is a unique little nook located down a laneway off Elizabeth Street and serves up coffee good enough for even the most snobby of bean lovers. Although centrally located, Strauss is tucked away enough that your probably won’t run into any snickering friends or colleagues. 

Up On Constance

Fortitude Valley 

You may as well bring a pencil and a calendar because you’re going to be penciling that second date in before your date even finishes their first cocktail. Up on Constance is the trendy rooftop bar that sits atop the equally trendy TRYP Hotel. With beautiful views of Fortitude Valley, delicious cocktail jugs, and a happy atmosphere, this is the bar you save for that extra-special Tinder. But whatever you do, please don’t casually mention that you have a room booked at TRYP, just in case (CREEPY). 

The End

West End 

So it turns out your date still lives with his parents, and thinks “Nickelback isn't actually that bad”. Never fear, a beer at The End makes that long hard slog of getting date-ready worth it. Dark enough that he might not notice you inching away from him, and close enough to they city that you can make swift exit plans (oh, did I not mention I was meeting friends for dinner?!), The End has your back. And if your date is as charming as his profile, then the share tables and sultry atmosphere make for the perfect excuse to scoot just a little closer. 

The Tree House

Fortitude Valley 

The perfect place to take that whimsy-loving guy or gal for beer and fantastical chats. A lot less likely to freak out your Tinder date than sharing some beers in an actual tree, The Tree House’s intimate setting and late-night opening hours are perfect for those dates that you never want to end. Also, if your Tinder profile was ever-so-slightly generous then the dim lighting should cover that right up! 

Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House

West End 

If your date doesn’t know where Three Monkeys is then they probably live under an actual rock. So if you really can’t be arsed having to explain intricate directions to your favourite basement bar or laneway cafe, then how about suggesting Three Monkeys? With cozy Arabian-style digs, decent coffee, and enough people around to notice if your date starts dragging you to his van, you might just find the Aladdin to your Jasmine here. 


Brisbane CBD 

The perfect place to take that corporate babe for a cheeky weekday coffee date, this tiny cafe situated in Wintergarden serves up some of the CBD’s best coffee and food. It doesn’t get more central than Gramercy and if everything goes “oh, I hate cats”-wrong, then you’re perfectly situated for some retail therapy. 

Hoo Ha Bar

South Bank 

If you can get over the fact that you are inviting a perfect stranger to a place called Hoo Ha, then this South Bank Bar gives off a distinct “I’m not trying too hard” vibe to your Tinder buddy. Not at all pretentious, it is the place to take that Tinder date who makes you snort-your-beer laugh. Hoo Ha Bar also has comfy couches, craft brews, and is perfectly situated for that after date stroll (read: smooch) in South Bank. 

Miss Kay’s

Brisbane CBD

If your date doesn't like beer and burgers then why the hell are you going out with them? Let your Tinder date know exactly who you are from the get-go and take them to the very central and very cool Miss Kay’s. There is something adorable about watching someone try and slurp up a burger while trying to keep their face sauce-free and looking cute. 

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